Friday, September 24, 2010


Its been a long and tiring couple of weeks, so forgive me if I am not all Suzy Sunshine during this post. Maybe by the end of it I will have let out some steam and get over myself. Probably not. Blogger generally just makes me angry.

So its been like 3 weeks since the last post, and we have been crazy busy. On September 11th we went to Brannan's 1st birthday party. How is he already a year old?? And how is Carter already 6 months? And how am I turning 29 next week?? I am old. Its official. Anyways, back to the point. After the party Christiaan went back to Waco for the Baylor game and Carter and I hung out with Brooke and her mom. With school starting, we hadn't hardly seen each other. We also got to see Jake, Chay, and Bentley. Last Friday Carter had his 6 month check up visit. He got shots but did really well with them. The doctor said that he is about to have a tooth pop through. I sure hope it does soon, because it is really bothering him! Last week he started with all the teething fun of the runny nose and junk. I was worried that he was getting sick for the first time, but Dr. Ewert said it was just his tooth! On Saturday Christiaan and I went with Karen and Drew to the Baylor vs. TCU game at TCU. It was a huge rivalry between the 2 guys! Although Baylor pretty much got their butt whooped from the get-go.

Here are some updates on Carter these days:
-he weighs 15 lb 6 oz(well as of last Friday)
-he is 25 inches long
-he is in the 10th percentile all around. Little guy!!
-He LOVES to eat food! All food! He hasn't turned up his nose at anything yet, including licking pickles! He eats baby food twice a day at least.
-Since he likes to eat actual food so much, he gives us trouble drinking bottles, but generally eats 5-6 oz every 4-5 hours or so.
-he is starting to sleep better during the night, just wakes up a couple times to relocate his binky sometimes
-He sits up on his own now!
-he likes to play on his tummy so that he can turn around. He is THISCLOSE to crawling. When that happens we are in serious trouble. Anyone want to donate some baby gates? or one of those octogon cage thingys? Those suckers are exPENsive!

Ok that's about it. I am running out of steam. Commence excessive picture time.

Look out dude, she's about to smack you!

You people sure look stupid making all these faces at us...

Brannan: I'm bailing while she's distracted!

( I LOVE that Bentley is this adorable tiny girl, and yet she beats down on the boys that are bigger than her! So so funny!! My kind of girl!)

Holy cow, you are funny!

My loves :)

Yep, that is Mountain Dew. No, we didn't give him any. Like he needs any assistance whatsoever in the energy department! Me on the other hand...

Auntie Brooke

Bentley and Jake

Brannan and Matt

I did not swim at the swim party. I am just not ready to expose my post-baby body in that public of a forum.

Under the waterfall with Uncle Mattie

Bentley playing in the fountain

Aaaand the birthday boy!!!

Daintily picking off the icing. That is the best part after all!

Ah there ya go!


Our little fam

Matt took Jack to the Ranger game that night. He bought Jack an authentic jersey to wear but wouldn't pay for a measly T-shirt for himself. If you know Matt Travis, that makes perfect sense!

Jack: "Dad, at the ballpark I want to go all the way to the top!!"

Matt: "Well son, you are in luck! That's where we are sitting!"

Courtesy of Jack's stellar photography skills. Not bad for a 5 year old actually!

Big 6 month old! This outfit was Caleb's, or Micah's, I'm not really sure which one. Maybe both. Anyways, dug out of the depths of my parents' attic specially for the next generation!

Yep, I'm big stuff. This sitting up stuff rocks! Who needs a Bumbo?

Our view of the Baylor-TCU game from the shade(haha suckers!). Thank God Christiaan scored those seats cuz it was H-O-T-T hot!!!

Karen and Drew

Drew bought a hat and shirts for them when they got out there

Um yeah, the score. I'm gonna blame that one on the whole TCU is #4 in the nation thing, not my evil curse reappearing.

Playing at the doctor's office. Note the destoyed protective paper below him. That stuff lasted about .5 seconds after he sat down!

Chillin' with Cole at Aunt K's

I get to kiss these cheeks everyday and you don't. Be jealous.

Well there you have it, the last few weeks in one super long post! No promises as to when you will see the next one, seeing as next week's calendar of daily activities looks no less full than the last few, and we will be in Waco next weekend. Lots of fun stuff coming up!

P.S. It took me over 4 hours from the first word I typed to just now when I'm about to click "Publish Post." Thus the reason my posts are so few and far between!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Welcome to the family....


Christiaan and I decided that our lives were not crazy enough, so we added a lab puppy to give us some more excitement. Kasi's stepbrother had puppies leftover and reduced to the price to something so low that we couldn't pass it up. Carter and I drove to their house in Royse City last Thursday night, and I picked out the calmest of the four remaining puppies. I held her up to Carter to see how she would respond, and she just looked at him and sniffed his feet so I decided that was a good sign. The others were trying to climb into his seat!

Friday Carter, Lola, and I loaded up after I got out of school and headed to Waco for the long weekend. It was the longest stinking drive to Waco EVER! Carter slept most of the way, and so did Lola, thank goodness, but there were wrecks everywhere I went, and traffic was backed up in places from the holiday traffic. Lola ended up peeing in the crate just before Waco and I had to one-hand the steering wheel at the same time to give Carter a bottle. So when we got there(after I bathed Lola!), Debra watched Carter while Christiaan and I ate at Texas Roadhouse. While we were there the Baylor basketball coaches and the star player, Quincy Acy, walked past our table and I thought Christiaan was going to fall off his seat. Don't think I have ever seen his eyes light up like that! Hah!! The next morning we went to see Julius play football, where he scored his first touchdown AND caught for a 2 point conversion! His team kicked butt. Saturday night we took him to Baylor's first football game of the season and Carter stayed with his Nana. It was a little warm at first, but when the sun went down it was perfect football weather! And as an added bonus, Baylor actually won! It was the first game that I had been to that the Baylor team, no matter the sport, had won. Good thing too, because I think Christiaan was beginning to have doubts about keeping me around! Just kidding.
The Proof

By Sunday after church I was completely worn out, after 3 nights in a row of being up randomly with the dog and/or baby, so I took a nap for almost 2 hours. Sunday night we joined Christiaan's brother Jason, Edna, and the kids for dinner at the hibachi restaurant that Edna just started working at. It was so so yummy!! I haven't been to eat hibachi in a long time and I love it!! Carter sat in the high chair while we ate. He has never done that before, but he is getting increasingly impatient sitting in his car seat. Monday was a much needed lazy day, we only left the house to get a name tag for Lola. Then Carter and I began our trek back to Dallas. Not too bad traffic, considering it was Labor Day, but Carter was awake most of the drive which meant a little bit of creative entertaining on my part. I give you, my solution....

A little excessive, yes, but we made it home without a major meltdown! Contents of this car seat are one baby, one bottle of juice, 5 binkies, and seven toys.

Who me? Nah, I am an angel, as usual.

So even though it was a short week of school, man has it ever dragged on. Between the holiday weekend and the monsoon/tornadoes that we have dealt with thus far, the kids are nuts. TGIF tomorrow! We were originally supposed to go to Waco again, but Saturday is Brannan's first birthday and I wouldn't miss that, even for a Baylor game! Christiaan will be here for a brief visit, and will bring Lola with him. She has done very well in her crate with the exception of crying the first night away from her momma. Still working on potty training though. She is a really sweet dog, and already knows the word "no" and how to sit! When she comes in from going potty, she sits and waits for her treat!

JuJu is #34

The boys

Football team's grand entrance

Julius took this picture after the game

In addition to being big enough for this....

Carter can also do this....

And this! My life has gotten much easier because of this trick! Except he is becoming ever closer to crawling, which will open Pandora's box of fun. Not.

An attempt to get a picture of the two of them did not go well. We couldn't get them both looking at the camera at the same time. Someday!

We hope they will be BFF's!