Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I blame Eve

As in the first woman in the bible. The one that listened to that blasted snake and ate the forbidden fruit. Seriously girl, why would you take advice from a snake?? They have no feet, no legs, stick their tongue out at you, and this particular one spoke. I imagine my response to a talking snake would be somewhere in the neighborhood of a complete mental breakdown, in which said snake would probably seize the opportunity to strangle me to death.

Fortunately, the snakeS (yes, plural) that I encountered did not speak to me. They were too busy being entangled in on another in a scene I would describe as disturbing to say the least, to even notice my presence. Seeing dogs do the nasty is one thing, but snakes?? Oh geez, I could have done without that for sure.

Upon encountering these horrific creatures, which at first appeared about the size of a boa constrictor due to their, ahem, getting busy, naturally I screamed and began hyperventilating, turned my back and froze. Carter didn't see them or maybe doesn't yet understand just how terrifying snakes are, but was hysterical himself because he thought I was crying because I saw a grasshopper, which is the only bug he is scared of. After a few moments of deep breathing, I composed myself enough to snap a picture only to prove how freaking big they were, and one made its way under the lawn mower while I did that. We then ran around the side of the barn to my car, where I sobbed my way to my mom's house and gave her a heart attack when I ran in the door so upset.

Am I crazy for being so terrified of snakes?? I don't think so. Probably my first question to God when I reach heaven will be really God?? Snakes?? Seriously the most useless living creature on the planet. You will never convince me otherwise. A good cat will kill as many rodents, so to Craigslist I go in search of a couple of free outdoor cats.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Because we can't get the internets in the boonies...

I'm tired of being a bad blogger, so until I get around to lugging my laptop to mom's to borrow her Internet for awhile, I'm unloading the last month-ish of pictures from my phone.

Napping with Libby

Wearing my dress??

Being goofy with Brycen

Forgetting that shirts go on heads, not bobos

Ready for a swim party, complete with stealing Daddy's glasses

First dollar dog!

Rangers game with good friends

We babysat baby Rigg one night and Carter was so sweet with him!

Practicing golf while watching some golf thing on TV

He truly falls asleep in some really weird ways...this one with his hand in my shoe

"shimming" early one morning in his pool

Helping grandma with rehab

Has taken to sleeping with this monkey, which Christiaan gave me for him when I was just a few months pregnant. Too sweet

First trip (of many im sure!)to Chuck E Cheese

Daddy's shirt on his head

His shorts on his head. Do you see a pattern here??

And last but not least....

Baby Romero!!! Due to arrive sometime around the end of this year. Although C and I are so excited for this new adventure, carter is slightly less than thrilled...when you ask him if he wants a brother or sister, or a baby in general, you get a very stern response of "nope!!" He'll come around, right??

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

One year ago

My heart so longs to hug this man for Father's Day....

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