Monday, April 15, 2013

Getaway Weekend

Christiaan did good on planning this trip.  We have REEAAALLLY been wanting to get away alone for awhile now, but between his odd work schedule and one life altering event after another, it just hasn't happened. We did stay in a hotel the night of our first wedding, but last April after our big wedding we just went back to the barn and stayed there. Not exactly romantic, but oh well.  And within a few weeks we discovered that we were pregnant, and those first couple of months I couldn't have cared if I was sleeping in a train station, as long as I wasn't puking. We inititally talked about going somewhere in November, but things were so hairy at the time that we decided to yet again put it off. And Carter ended up with a nasty stomach bug that weekend anyways.
So, needless to say, I know that I was more than excited to make this trip! I really didn't even ask him too much about it, other than if I needed to pack anything in particular, and any other details I needed to line up. Basically all I knew is that we were staying in a B&B in Granbury.  Which sounds a bit like we are 65 year olds, but I think we really just needed the peace and downtime as opposed to some adventurous trip.  And we were by far the youngest people staying there, but no one seemed to mind.
We didn't arrive until later Friday night due to traffic, and after checking in we found a Japanese restaurant and Christiaan enjoyed some sushi. No thanks. Especially since many of the sushi choices were names of sea creatures that my students had just done presentations on that day. We crashed pretty early, and thanks to my internal alarm clock and the need to pump(yeah, that's super romantic!) we were up pretty early and enjoyed a breakfast of blueberry pancakes, potatoes, and sausage. The rest of the day we spent shopping the square and we both took a nice nap in the afternoon.  After a steak dinner, we went to the drive-in theater that was just down the street from our B&B.  I was stupid giddy about that, and it was really cool! Although I fell asleep about 30 minutes into the second movie, which I didn't really care to see anyways. The next morning we had another delicious breakfast and then checked out, and shopped a little more before heading home.
I am so grateful for this weekend with Christiaan.  I feel like we get even less time together than most couples due to his work schedule, so we really needed this time.  We both had a great time. Although I did let Paranoid Patty take over a few times, since I got word on the way there that Jill had fallen victim to Pukemaggedon 2013, so I spent a lot of time thinking I was next.  And we did good being away from both kids for the first time.  Big thanks to our moms for taking kid duty all weekend!
Our cottage

Koi pond in the cute garden area

The B&B-The Pomegranate House. Totally reccommend.

Wild west shootout on the square

Even though there is a Babe's location 10 minutes from our house, Christiaan had never had it, so we had lunch there. He liked. :)

The drive-in theater

We really should have asked someone to take a picture for us....

Granbury courthouse

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Anniversary to us....Again

Here in the Romero camp we have a dilemma....which anniversary do we celebrate? Problems with having TWO wedding ceremonies. Each ceremony was special to us, the first one being where my daddy gave me away, and the second our original wedding date in which I got to wear the dress my daddy bought and all of our friends and family were able to make it to. Not to mention that because of the haste in planning the first ceremony, we had no time to get a marriage license, so we weren't legally married until April 14th.

So we decided that we would celebrate both. The November 12th one would be something small, like dinner, and the April one a bigger celebration. Last November we just went to dinner and a movie and were child free for the night; we couldn't really do much else since that's when things were getting really rough with my pregnancy. So for this weekend, Christiaan planned a whole weekend away! He reserved a bed and breakfast in Granbury, and had his mom come in to help with the kids.

We have been enjoying a wonderfully peaceful weekend away, although we are missing our babies terribly. I'm so grateful for this time away with my man. So much has changed in our lives even since we celebrated in November, and I can't wait to see what the next year brings!

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