Monday, December 26, 2011

Four Christmases

So the new rule is....if you were going to get Carter toys for his birthday, please don't. I am not sure there is anything else on the shelves of Toys R'Us that he didn't get for Christmas anyways!

Christmas #1

We were somehow able to coordinate all of our Christmas celebrations between our two families, although we are rather worn out. We started out Christmas Eve at my mom's parents house as usual. We have had Christmas Eve with them for as long as I can remember. We ate dinner and then all decided to go to the service at C3, which put us going late into the night opening gifts and Carter didn't get in bed until 11:30!

Carter and Grandpa Guthrie

Uncle Bubba

Every year just before we start opening presents, my Grandpa recites The Night Before Christmas

Carter is rather attached to his Uncle My My!


I don't think I have ever gotten a normal picture of these two goons!


A momaseecle....AKA motorcycle

Soccer ball was a hit

The traditional bow picture started sometime after Chloe was born. I don't even remember why, but its a must!

Chloe requested a funny face picture

Grandma and Grandpa got Carter this Radio Flyer ramp

Christmas #2

The next morning we went to Micah and Aly's apartment to open presents with mom and my brothers. Normally Christmas morning is at my parents' house, but with all the craziness going on with the house and everything, we weren't able to put up a tree. Carter had a conversation with their Santa.

Checking out his ornament for this year.... A Peanuts ice skating scene. He is really into Snoopy right now

Doing bells with Gram Pam

This gun.....oh my. Its a Buzz Lightyear "laser" gun, but the real kicker is that he can atucally squeeze the trigger himself and shoot the darts. Can you say obsessed?? But I already have to go find replacement darts, as he has already lost all but one dart of course

Micah and Aly's cats came out of hiding to see what this laughing, rolling monkey was and it totally freaked them out

Silly goon

Gram Pam got him his first tricycle!! He loves it! He calls it a whopacle though. His feet actually touch the pedals, although he doesn't know how to work them yet.

I think this is my new favorite picture ever!

Christmas #3

Mr. G.Q.

We then had lunch and presents for the kiddos at my dad's brothers house with that side of the family.

Ellie and Carter

Carter and little Chloe had their own table

All of Nannie's greats. Out of 2 sons, she ended up with 8 grandkids and so far 5 great grandkids! Chloe, Ellie, Thomas, Emily, and Carter. Its very hard to get all of them looking when 4 of the 5 are under the age of 4!

He decided he needed a bow on his head

Patrick's kids piled all their goodies on top of him! What a good dad.

Playing his new play-doh with My My and Ayee

Chloe with all her princess jewelry on

Christmas #4

We left straight from my uncle's house and drove to Waco, where we finally got to meet baby Elan! Christiaan and I were DYING to see our new nephew in person, even though he's almost 3 months old already!

Look at how he was watching me!

Nana's grands...Julius, Elan, Jasmine, Carter

Again with the bows

Candice and Brandon and Elan

Juju got a bunch of Chicago Bears stuff

And so did Jason! This was all the gear that we gave them

Nana got Carter a Cozy Coupe with the wagon attachment!

Elan just watched all the action

Nana also got Carter a basketball(or babetall) goal. I think we may have a pro athlete on our hands!

Christiaan got an iPad!! He was totally shocked! I will never forget his face when he opened it!

Jason found this in the corner of the room....its the Swivel Store that he got Debra for Christmas last year! Haha still in the box! She said its not getting opened until you install it!

And Elan had enough of the craziness

And the last present......Jason and Edna announced they are pregnant!!! Not even the kids knew, and I think they were still in shock at this point! We are so excited for them and for another baby! We kept talking about how next Christmas would be, with Elan running around like Carter was and the new baby being the same age as Elan is now. Then they teased us that Christiaan and I would be making a baby announcement next Christmas....we will see about that one... :)

Shooting baskets like a pro

He is too dang cute!!

Yesterday we all went over to Christiaan's aunt Linda's house to visit his Dad's family. I love this picture of Elan!

The kids with Grandpa

Carter drove us home.....its just a block over!

Sweet boy!

I'm not going to lie, I totally expected this Christmas to suck beyond belief since Daddy is gone. I had no high expectations of enjoying it, I was just hoping that Carter would have a good time. But it was actually an amazing Christmas on so many levels. So much happiness and good news, and Carter was hysterical. Thank you God, for my family, every single part of it.