Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Early 2015 Happenings

Brooke and Brannan came in and we took the kids to Nicklerama. This little girl sat at the machined forever and racked up a ridiculous amount of tickets!

Their goodies

Lessons in how not to mix Play-Doh colors

Chelsea threw a surprise party for Jason....Nerdy Thirty since he's a big chemistry nerd!

I can't even with this one. So she developed a huge Taylor Swift obsession due to her Shake It Off song. When Grandma gave her a pink CD player for her birthday, she kept asking for a Taylor Swift CD. When I finally broke down and bought it, she was beyond thrilled and carried it around for the longest. Too bad the concert tickets are like a bazillion dollars.

A delayed 2 year check-up ended up lasting and hour due to them being totally swamped with sick kids. (Fabulous.) They even brought us cups of water while we waited. 

Mommy's glasses? Socks on your hands? All manner of entertainment took place during those two hours.

Does not like the carwash

And some Saturdays I look up and realize this is my living room. Pregnancy exhaustion got the best of me.

Scott and Deanna came for a visit and we met up for lunch!

He buttoned his shirt all by himself. Big stuff.

Leighty bug showing me her gymnastics skills

Carter took gymnastics for a couple months before t-ball started. He was totally in his element!

Reading at Barnes and Noble

Playing tent with Wynn

This is what it came to in the throes of STAAR prep. Nutella sandwiches using Tagalongs. 

Karen had D pick out pictures from a magazine of her family. So many things off here.

Her first Daddy date! He took her to the Daddy Daughter dance at church. She had a blast and loved getting dressed up for him!

Like she owns the place

We went to Southlake to see Nathan in the lead role of Lord of the Flies at his middle school. I was blown away!

The next morning we went to see Devin dance in her final competition of high school. Major tears. She danced beautifully. Delaney is the same age the Devin was when I was in high school drill team, and this is really special to me.

And we squeezed in a visit to Brooke too since the competition was in her neighborhood. This is their lizard. Carter wouldn't come near it but Delaney though it was cool.

Why do we try to go out to eat with this goof troop??

And then headed straight to Brycen's birthday party

Not what you do with icing.

I don't even know.

She had to get out her "compooter" when I was doing lesson plans

Dr. Seuss Day....Naturally I was Horton

Carter's hat, Anna dress, Doc McStuffins stethoscope, and pink sparkle slippers.

Snow (Ice) Days

Just about the time that I thought we wouldn't get any frozen stuff this winter, we were hit pretty hard several times. The kids loved it! I pretty much had to stay on the porch, since pregnant and icy sidewalks don't exactly make a happy ending. But Christiaan was home two of the three days we had off school for the bad weather, so the kids still got to play outside.
Round one was basically solid ice

It didn't take long for cabin fever to set in

I let my kids check out the actual snow that showed up for round two
And a couple hours later it was basically a full on blizzard. Texas blizzard. And because I am the best teacher ever, I told them to bundle up and go have a snowball fight for 10 minutes.

Entertainment in the form of dress up clothes over jammies

I went to bed the night before round three fully expecting to be at work the next morning. They had forecasted a "light dusting" of snow. Christiaan came and got me out of bed about 10:30 or 11 to show me the light dusting. I promptly turned my alarm off.

A good 4-5 inches. Not a light dusting, by Texas standards.

You can't even see the stairs in our front walk! Dangerous!