Sunday, September 25, 2011


Nothing interesting to report here....the last two weeks have been pretty routine with a little bit of exhausting thrown in for good measure. I wasn't really able to catch up from the sleep I lost when Carter was teething, plus school is just so dang exhausting this year, so I ended up taking Thursday a week ago off just to sleep. Wish I could take every Thursday off! Kasi and I revamped our behavior chart system, and last week was glorious, in comparison to the previous four. Please oh please dear Lord, let this keep up!

I haven't really taken many pictures lately, but here are a few randoms from the last few weeks.

Carter making faces like his orange slice is the most sour thing in the world

This is his new cheese face

Kisses for Grand Dude

Carter helped take this picture of Grand Dude

Play-doh noses with GrandPam

We went to see Uncle Bubble(Caleb)play softball. Carter thought he was so cool

He is really into sitting with Grand Dude and GrandPam and insists that his legs are covered up

Pray for me this week, as I may or may not have a mid life crisis after my birthday. I'm officially old.

Monday, September 12, 2011

El Weekend O'Fun

After these ridiculous first three weeks of school, I definitely needed this past weekend! Kasi and I have our work cut out for us this year, and that is putting it lightly I think. I mean, she had only been back from maternity leave for 3 days when she was fighting tears by the end of the day! We are working hard to establish all our boundaries, and each day seems to get (ever so slightly)better. Oh and this past week was made especially tiresome because Carter was getting his top 2 eye teeth and OH MY LORD at all the screaming at night. After 3 very sleepless nights, I was ready to call in sick just to get some sleep. Thank God that on Thursday they finally broke through and we were both able to sleep.

So when Friday rolled around, I was so looking forward to all the activities on the calendar. Friday night we hung out at Jason and Chelsea's ridiculously gorgeous new house to celebrate Kasi's birthday. I will have to steal pictures from Kasi, but we had delicious food and a great time watching the kids play with each other. Their house is 2 story, which is awesome because now the guys can go upstairs and us girls can chat while not sitting around the kitchen table!

Saturday morning Carter and I slept in a little to catch up on lost sleep, and then headed to Keller for Brannan's birthday party. I feel like he just had his first birthday! Carter enjoyed the pool and playing with friends. And all the balloons. And the cupcakes.

Matt and Brannan on the slide

Carter's turn

Eh...not so much a fan of the water slide. Maybe next year!

Carter, Bentley and Preslie hung out a lot at this end of the pool

Preslie is standing!! Big girl!

Try number two was not so successful either

Despite the fact that neither one was very fond of actually going down the slide, Carter and Bentley kept climbing up the stairs

I feel the need to explain why my kid was white trashing it with just the swim diaper see, all of our swim gear is buried in a heap of beach trip related items that were never fully unpacked at Christiaan's place due to the lack of immediate need. His suits are both there, and I'm not entirely sure that either would fit anymore since he has grown in the last couple months. I was not about to purchase swim trunks for one party.

Happy 2nd birthday Bran!

Carter basically grabbed the cupcake out of my hand before I got the liner all the way off and shoved it into his mouth. I have no idea where he gets this from.

Exactly how else do you expect me to eat this thing??

Bentley was a little more delicate in eating her cupcake. And she literally had a napkin in one hand to wipe the other one off!

Uncle Mattie took Bran and Carter for a ride

After the party Carter and I went home and spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa. That boy knows when to turn on the charm and perform when he has an audience. Although I don't hear any complaints from the grandparent department!

When Christiaan got off we headed to Grapevine to meet my Keller friends at the Glass Cactus to celebrate Meagan's birthday. It was a total surprise for her! Which was a feat in and of itself, seeing as how the main people planning it were Brooke and Chay, and Brooke may or may not be the world's worst liar, and Chay isn't much better! They did an awesome job of pulling it off!

Chay, Brooke, and Rachel

The birthday girl herself!

My sweet Christiaan actually got out on the dance floor! Although he will deny it and I have no photographic evidence. But I think he actually had a good time. I wish we could go dancing more. He definitely saw a side of me that doesn't come out much anymore! :)

(I am fully aware that I look preggo in this picture. I am going to attribute that to the fact that I am friends with some of the world's skinniest women who have previously given birth. God has clearly blessed them.)

Funny story. We had taken over an area on the gorgeous patio deck and were hanging out talking when Christiaan noticed the TV showing the awesome cover band playing inside.....and said "Hey, isn't that Meagan on the stage??"

Apparently the band had invited all those present that were celebrating birthdays or bachelorette parties, and they got a little more than they bargained funny!!!

Happy birthday Meabs!! So so glad we were able to help celebrate your big 3-0!!!

A late night of fun led quickly to an early morning for church. We are now attending the 9am service since Christiaan has to be at work at 11, but then I had nursery duty at the later service. Carter was rocking himself in this chair and Brycen tried to climb up. He was having trouble getting his legs under himself, so Carter pulled his head to help him! After I quit laughing, I helped Brycen up and they sat together for the longest time.


They are both in this silly phase where this is the face they make for a camera. They are too funny.

Thank goodness for fun weekends to release my stress from the school week!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Laborless weekend

Over Labor Day weekend we high-tailed it to Waco the second I got done at school to catch the Baylor game at 7. There was a fair amount of trash talking going on within the family, as Drew is a TCU alum and Baylor had an embarrassing low score against them last season. The game which we were at. With Drew and Karen. They couldn't make it to Waco with us, but we made sure to trash text during the game. And what a crazy game it was! Baylor ran up an impressive lead, only to let TCU come back in the 4th quarter, and from then on the end of the game was back and forth. But in the end Baylor won, knocking out TCU's winning streak.

Christiaan with his friends

We went down on the field and took a picture in front of the scoreboard to rub in Drew's face

The next day we cheered for TCU, as that is Juju's football team! He is #34.

It was BLAZING SCORCHING HOT but Nana saved the day by bringing her giant beach umbrella to sit under! Which made for an interesting time due to the gale force winds that were apparently left over from the hurricane or tropical storm or something.

Jazzy and her friend made a picnic behind the stands using some of the umbrella's shade

Jason and Juju. We celebrated TCU winning this time!

Its blurry because of all the action....Carter and Julius were wrestling. We were talking about how little we had to get onto Carter for doing something he shouldn't since the kids were around. He just loves them!

Carter is quite taken with Jasmin's play kitchen. Do they make them in non-girly colors?? Because he would really like that.

We Skyped with Uncle Brandon. Candice was already in bed. Elan is taking up a lot of room these days. :)

Carter put on Juju's shoes

On Monday we woke up to the most heavenly weather outside, and so we headed to the zoo. Carter loved feeding the fish.

They have a small playground area with a mini splash park, and Carter of course went straight for it

BIG kitty


Jason, Edna, and the kids

The aquarium was definitely his favorite part


He loved the slide through the otter pool



This meerkat was just lazing around watching all his friends run around like fools. Jasmin said "Look Dada, he sits like you!"

The orangutan was another favorite. He(or she, I couldn't tell)was rather taken with Carter. They were giving kisses through the glass!

Look at his face!

Carter said "Bye bye, monk monk!"

Juju is strong!

After the zoo we headed back to Dallas. We had an awesome weekend with family, and ate lots of yummy food while we were there. We aren't sure when we will be back due to Christiaan's work schedule. Sometime soon though we will be making a trip to Austin to meet baby Elan when he makes his appearance!