Friday, November 29, 2013

Fair Day

Fair day almost wasn't this year. Despite the fact that Carter had been talking about it for weeks, the week before he came down with croup, followed the day before by a trip to urgent care in Waco for a bronchitis diagnosis. Then on the way home from Waco Sunday night, Delaney coughed a couple times, and I knew that she had croup as well. So instead of meeting our friends at the gates when they opened, I made a quick trip to the doctor with her. We decided that since she wasn't really coughing we would go ahead and go, and when and if she started feeling really yucky we would leave. Thankfully, the croup did not ever hit her very hard, so we lasted most of the day!
Poor girl just laid in her stroller most of the day, which was probably good that her little body got so much rest!

First Fletchers of the day!

Brycen on this horse that you could ride

Leighton and Delaney

Carter taking a turn

Oh these boys!

At Big Tex circle

The Palomino's

He begged for ice cream

We took a break and let him play on these giant bouncy things while we enjoyed the Kildares concert


The blimp flew over

Add caption

He was fascinated that he could look down the tunnel onto the field of the Cotton Bowl!

Headed for the Midway!

Carter kept telling everyone that he was going to ride a roller coaster. He had told Christiaan that he was going to ride one and scream and then laugh. We totally didn't think he would do it, but once he saw the one that he was big enough for he was so excited. Christiaan had to ride with him though.

A huge change from last year when he wouldn't even ride the simple things that just go around in circles slowly!

He loved these airplanes! Even when they went up into the air.

These motorcycles were one of the things that he refused to ride last year

Not this year!!

Poor girl was feeling gloomy

Back where it all started!

The petting zoo

We are glad that we got to go and take Delaney for the first time, despite all the illness! Until next year!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Aaah yes....I have a blog

Well. I am rather behind.

Our camera grew legs shortly after our beach trip, leaving me with only my untrustworthy phone to capture any pictures. I'm pretty sure its lost in our couch, but I don't stick my hands under the cushions. Then school started, and football season with lots of travel, so my computer barely gets turned on.

But now, we have a new camera, and we are not traveling as much, so I need to play catch up. It will be seriously out of order, because I don't have the energy or time to be chronologically organized.

I guess Carter thought this was a good place to store the baby's toys

Smiley girl

Slip n' Slide at GranPam's

She prefers sippy cups with straws

Little model

We tried to beat the heat and the cabin fever, but all it did was make me miss the beach

Even a brown dog needs some cooling off

They are mutually obsessed with each other

It was a rough, rough day

The bath is her happy place

Passed out

Carter is constantly sorting things or lining random things up.  OCD much??

His first day at his new school! He goes to a school literally down the street from us, and so far we have loved it!

Meet the teacher. This is mine and Deanna's 5th year to teach together!

Jill, Ruth Ann, and Jason are my hall team. We are loud, sarcastic, and rely on heavy amounts of caffeine to make it through the day.

Some cousin time with Jaden in Waco

This random indoor play place where Annabelle had her 4th birthday party had these creepy walking animals. I am surprised he even got on one.

Mr. Harrison Ivy! Deanna found out she was pregnant with him the day that Delaney was born.

8 months

Always a joker

Doing work

D and her man Liam at school. Homeboy is seriously in LUV with her, and she could care less!

Gameday ready! Except it was really dang hot, and I was sick, so D and I stayed with Nana.

We sent this crew to the game instead.

And then he was so tired the next day that he fell asleep in the kitchen table chair