Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Some July pictures

Holy crazy hair! This is what she looked like when she woke up one morning. How does that even happen??

As we are ALWAYS awake and ready for the day prior to 7 am(yay), one morning I took the kids to a nearby park we hadn't checked out yet.

First go in the swing!

Loved it!

I found a monkey there

He seriously thinks he can do the monkey bars

One morning when D woke up even earlier than usual, as in before 6 am, Lola was barking like mad. Upon investigation, I discovered this guy in Carter's pool trying to run for his life.

Eating fries with GranPam! I cannot resist the cuteness of those piggies!

Mr. Mischievous

Uncle Bubba came to fix our washer, and tried to fix our mower while he was here. Carter had to dig his out too.

Brycen came to play one day and we threw the boys in the backyard with the water hose!

Brooke, Jack, and Brannan came and spent a night with us. The boys had a blast! Carter and Brannan actually played together! We took them to CiCi's for a nutritious dinner, and the next day we took them to Nicklerama, where Carter and Brannan somehow won about 6 trillion tickets. We also finally introduced Brooke to the amazingness that is Chiloso.

Makes my heart happy to see these boys together!! Who would have ever thought...

What goons!

My children have monkey toes....

The Webb cousins finally get to meet! Micah and Aly finally felt comfortable enough to leave the confines of their house and come introduce Jackson to the rest of the family at my grandparents house. Lots of spoiling!

During an unusual cool snap in July, we hung out with Bri and Brycen. The boys decided that they were cool outside and needed jackets....mind you, it was about 75 degrees outside at the time....

We gave her a mostly eaten corn cob, and she went to town with it! I would imagine it feels good on the gums

Oh gosh. After a rough few nights with BOTH kids waking me up on alternating hours of the night, Delaney blessed me with this gift at 6:30 am. Because that is EXACTLY what makes me so grateful to be a mom....

Asparagus was a hit!

We visited Jackson before we were all going to be leaving town.

He's already loving his big cousin!

While we were there, a huge random thunderstorm popped up and hung out over their house for awhile. Micah took Carter to the front porch to see the rain and lightning, and came back in a few minutes later and said he was getting an umbrella....then a few minutes later stuck his head in and asked Aly for a towel....

A much needed haircut!!

7 months! We had to take this 2 days early, since the 22nd was during our vacation, and I'm pretty sure Christiaan would have divorced me if I added the bear to our already cramped traveling quarters!

So my super talented friend Emily finished the crib bedding! I am so in love with it! She had some fabric left over, and I created the wall d├ęcor to tie it all together. I had a canvas that was basically useless because Carter colored on it with crayons, and then I bought the letters and quilting hoops at Hobby Lobby. I need to mention though, that I was inspired to create this on the night before we left town, and when Christiaan got home the next morning, he found Mom and I hanging it on the wall, when we were about to start loading up to leave for Galveston. Maybe I just needed the mental break after 5 days of packing and prep....

Thanks to Craigslist I scored this $140 Chicco high chair in mint condition for $35! Except that D looks like a midget in it still....