Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedding Sneak Peak

Well we finally did it.

We are officially, legally married!

The wedding turned out amazing, everyone looked awesome and the decor was gorgeous. We of course had a few hiccups, but in the end we are married and that is what matters. I am only allowing myself one more day to be angry with a certain couple of people that threw a wrench in our fun, and then I'm moving on. :)

First of all, chances of rain and storms had been forecasted for literally every single day the week before, which would have made for a very muddy reception as we couldn't afford to rent the flooring for the ground, but thanks to diligent prayer it barely sprinkled a couple of times the whole week!  When Saturday's forecasted storms were taken out, they were unfortunately replaced with gale force wind gusts, leaving a dilemma with how to keep the tables from being blown over at the reception.  Enter my mom, brothers, and uncle, and a couple others who spent a good portion of the early afternoon zip tying the largest tarps in creation to the sides of the tent. Problem solved! 

And then, all day long I kept telling the girls that I felt like I was forgetting something I was supposed to handle, up to minutes before the ceremony began. It wasn't until we were taking family pictures afterwards that my mom said "Um, Aud...who was supposed to handle drinks??"  Um yeah, that would have been me, but luckily my uncles swooped in and saved the day!

My friend Ruth Ann took pictures for us since she had her camera with her for the photo booth shots, and I thought I would share a few before I get the official photos from our amazing and incredibly sweet photographer. Oh, did I mention that our photographer was a victim of the tornado outbreak 2 weeks ago, and she and her 2 year old son survived the complete destruction of their house by being in the bathtub?? And yet, she still manages to keep her commitment to our wedding!


My gorgeous mom being escorted in by all of her boys

The first look at his bride! Isn't he handsome in that tux??

Brooke is cut out of this shot, but didn't my girls look fabulous? We opted for black dresses and shoes of their choice, with the only consistency being the peacock feather hair clip and the flowers

We had a time of giving vows to Carter, sort of a baby dedication, although he has already had that. In true Carter fashion, he threw a wall-eyed fit on stage and screamed through it, and Ruth Ann caught me trying to make him laugh at my funny face...

Introducing...the now LEGALLY married couple!

And then he stole the show when he went chasing after us on the way out of the sanctuary!

Holy. Deliciousness. These are from Candy Haven. It has long been my dream to have my wedding cake be white chocolate cake from there, and thanks to some amazing friends and hook-ups from a coworker, it was made possible! They were the talk of the reception!

First dance. We danced to Adam Sandler's "I want to grow old with you" from The Wedding Singer movie, one of our favorites!

Photobooth time!

We were already missing 2 girls, but these are all coworkers of mine! We are a very close bunch and love to have fun! Most all of them attended my bachelorette party too!

And of course, the truck was decorated

Probably going to be one of my favorites pictures ever of us.  The sparklers looked way cool, except that I kept thinking "please don't burn my dress!" and Christiaan was telling everyone not to get too close to my hair because it was solid hairspray! 

The guys found a use for the church's leftover Easter eggs....seriously?? So as we drove off, Christiaan had the brilliant idea to put them in Brad and Bri's yard, since they live just around the corner, and man I wish now that someone had pictures of us chunking those things in the yard, in our tux and wedding dress!
We are truly blessed people.  This whole experience really made me realize how many amazing people we have in our lives, both family and friends.  Again, I do not know that I am a good enough person to deserve everything that was done for me, and I only hope that I can repay the favors. 

A huge thanks to everyone who did anything to make this day so special for us!  There are seriously too many to name and I would leave someone out because there was so much going on that day that I didn't even know about! We are so looking forward to moving on with our lives, and are more than ready to take on our future together!  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I hang


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I'm so fired.

I know. Its been a ridiculous amount of time since my last post of any worth. I am not even going to pretend that I have very good excuses for leaving out a 2 month chunk of my poor kid's life, although the list is long and includes things like....thousands of riveting 2nd grade papers to grade....packing up my mom's ENTIRE house, then unpacking it....a camera battery charger that went MIA somewhere in the packing...Carter having the flu, then strep and an upper respiratory infection back to back...and of course the mind-boggling experience of planning a wedding.


I totally get why people elope.

Somewhere in all this Carter turned 2. Although by the way he acts, you would think he had been 2 forever. I would love to post pictures of his party, but my computer has decided that it is not friends with my DSLR and refuses to recognize its existence. And for my latest excuse for lack of blogging?? We found out yesterday that the apartment we moved into does not get the internet because it is so far out in the boonies!

So yes, Carter has turned 2, but not before we spent most of spring break and the week before that miserable with his illnesses, and he is keeping us moving more than ever. His favorite things to do are to climb on everything, playing baseball with his real glove, and he is super into motorcycles for some reason. He cracks us up when he says his signature words and phrases like "I hide" which he says as he is trying to weasel his way into any tiny crevice, "I hang" which he says when he sees any surface that he might possibly hang from, and says words like whatacle(motorcycle). He has taken to saying "AMEN!!" just before he eats, as soon as he sits down at the table. No prayer needed, just amen is sufficient apparently.

And then there are the mi mi's. Oh, the mi mi's. Most people know these as pacifiers, binkies, paps, whatever, Carter's are called mi mi's. And there are many of them stashed in various places, none of which I can ever find when searching, but he seems to go straight to. Unfortunately the type he prefers are no longer sold at Target or Walmart even, so I tried to replace them with another version of the same brand. Nope, wouldn't have it. He considers those as a last resort if none of the others are to be found. They drive me INSANE because he will beg incessantly for one, but lord knows he doesn't need it! I have tried to limit him to only having them in the car and at bedtime, and I think this summer they will make their way to mi mi heaven, but I haven't figured out the best way to make that happen yet.

In 2 weeks we will officially(legally!) be married. I am in the panic attack a day stage, trying to make sure that everything has been covered. Planning a wedding is actually not as fun and romantic as you dream about! Especially when you have a limited budget, a smallish church sanctuary, and extensive family and friends to invite! We have been blessed in many areas of the planning part, and I am surrounded by wonderful girlfriends who always are there to give me the best advice. I am just ready for the day to be here so that I can't sit around and stress about anything anymore!

So my goal is get back into regular blogging once the wedding is past us, and especially once summer is here. 34 more days til school is out!!