Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend fun

Ever tried to herd cats??

Yeah me either, but I would imagine it would be something close to what it was like getting these pictures....

This was the first opportunity to take pictures where they were all 3 awake at the same time, but unfortunately they were all 3 hungry and tired, so we weren't able to get any of their cute smiles captured. Brannan is almost 11 months and Bentley is 7 months. Girlfriend is one tough little cookie! Brannan kept taking toys away from her, and at one point pushed her over, and finally as he was trying to take yet another toy from her she got in his face and screeched at him and Brannan burst into tears! She is the same size as Carter, even though she is 3 months older, and she is already trying to crawl! Its only a matter of time before our get-togethers turn into full-on boxing matches between 4 munchkins over prized toys. And poor Jack will be the referee! Here in about 6 weeks their little friend Miss Preslie will be added to the group. Can't wait to meet her!!

Three summers ago, this was the 4 of us pre-babies(Brooke, me, Chay, Meagan, and random dude on cell phone)

We spent our days at the pool and our nights up late talking or having impromptu dance parties. My how time has changed us, because the other night we put the babies to bed and accidentally stayed up until 1:30 talking and catching up, and man were we tired the next day! Love these girls!

Saturday night Christiaan and I took Carter to his first Rangers game. I was a little nervous to take him, what with the 100 degree heat and being a sold out game, but he was perfect! We bought an umbrella stroller for him and brought all the ice packs and the battery powered fan and he lasted the whole game and part of the Stoney LaRue concert afterwards. Even though we had a good time, I think we will wait to go again when it is a little bit cooler. None of the 3 of us fare well with the heat!

Monday, July 19, 2010

So the weekend quickly escaped me and I never sat down to report the newest stats from Carter's doctor visit on Friday morning. Here's the latest:

Weight-13lb 13oz(25th percentile still)
Length-24 3/4 in(50th percentile)
His head circumference is only in the 12th percentile, which I thought odd since our family is known for our large heads, but Mom says she thinks we all had small heads when we were young. Somewhere between infancy and adolescence we outgrew the head circumference of our peers, because I had the biggest hat size in the high school drill team. Anyways.

(P.S.-when do they move from measuring it as "height" as opposed to "length"? When they can stand?)

Awaiting the arrival of the evil lady with the hurty pokey things

Carter was a smiley baby until the doctor moved him around for his exam, and then he really got hacked off when she looked in his ears, so by shot time he was already not a happy camper. A little more drama than the last round of shots, but nothing a half dose of Tylenol and a bottle didn't fix! He was a little fussy this weekend due to the shots, but no fever thank goodness.

Friday night we went to watch Christiaan, Micah, and Aly play on the church co-ed softball team. I was concerned that Carter would get overheated, seeing as how the temperature that day was not unlike sitting on the surface of the sun, so along with his personal battery-powered fan I placed gel ice packs underneath a receiving blanket and put them behind his back in the stroller. He lasted the whole 3 games we were there, so I guess it was successful!

Vegged out holding onto an ice pack

Saturday night Carter got some Daddy time, and I went to my high school class reunion. I cannot believe it has been 10 years already! It was strange to see all those people again, but ended up being pretty fun.

This is Emily. She was one of my best friends in high school, and her baby is Molly that has been in several pictures with Carter. They are birthday buddies. I figured it was about time I posted a picture of Emily since her baby has been on here so much!

I finally got a little better picture of Carter with his bear! He's catching up with the bear! It's actually harder to get him to sit still now that he can somewhat hold himself up. He reaches for things and falls over, but he is doing really good practicing! In these next few pictures, he sat like this talking to his animals for almost 10 minutes.

You're a weird looking bird....

And your eyes are really big....

And a blue elephant that plays music when you pull his tail? Seriously, who makes these toys??

Have a good week, ya'll!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4 months!

Carter turns 4 months old today! He has a doctor appointment on Friday morning, and I am very anxious to see how much he weighs and what percentile he is in. I think he has made a huge leap since his 2 month appointment! I am also curious to see how many shots the poor baby has to get this visit. I'll update the stats this weekend!
So I tried a couple times to take his monthly bear picture, and quickly found out that there is a reason professional photographers have an assistant. Taking his picture has now become a 2 person job since he has decided he does not want to sit still! I may try again tomorrow when I have help and he is in the mood to smile more, but for now here is the best that I got.
Um, sorry Christiaan, but I do believe that he has his guns up. Guess you will have to work on the bear claw some more! :)
In other news, when I got back from taking my PPR test(which I passed with flying colors, thankyouverymuch!), this is where Gram Pam had Carter.
Easily amused, as he is playing with measuring spoons. Remind me not to bake anything soon. Oh wait I don't bake anyways.
On Friday we met Emily and Molly for lunch at Breadwinners in Dallas. We hadn't seen them since I was on maternity leave, and the babies had made so many changes since then that I was very excited to see Molly. It is so funny that they are basically on the same page developmentally. Not that they shouldn't be, seeing as how they are only a few hours apart, I have just always learned that boys are slower than girls! (But my child, as we all know, is a genius.) They noticed each other and just stared, but I am sure it won't be long before they are stirring up trouble together!

They were both very smiley during lunch, but of course decided to both be turkeys as soon as the cameras came out and scowl at us. As soon as they can sit up, we will get pictures that don't include their carseats!

Mom and Dad were very excited that the magical netting contraption they devised finally foiled the plans of the evil birds that eat every last dang grape of the grapevine EVERY YEAR, just as they are ripe enough to pick! Can't wait for some of Dad's jelly from it!


Seriously Mom.....

Don't you have enough pictures of me??

Nope. Never!!

Check back this weekend to find out how much the chunky monkey weighs!

Friday, July 9, 2010

This week I have seen the latest sonogram pics of my cousin-in-law Nora and my dear friend Meagan, and it got me looking back at the sonogram pictures that I had done with Carter. I stared at those pictures when I was pregnant and tried to figure out what he would look like. Looking at Nora and Meagan's pictures I found myself doing the same thing. I feel lucky that I got that insight into my belly, because as my mom pointed out, out of 4 pregnancies, she never had that privilege! I can't wait to find out what those 2 little faces will look like and to see how accurate the sonograms were! Meagan is due the first of September so I will see Preslie soon enough, but Nora is only about 12 weeks along so we will have to wait a little longer to see Baby Webb. For now, indulge me as I compare Carter's sonogram pictures with what he looks like now!
This was at about 18 weeks(even though it says 16 wks, they were wrong!). It was the first good shot of his profile, and also the sonogram that determined he was a boy!

This was about a month later, and is the best picture that I got out of all the sonograms. I can see his button nose, and it looks to me like his fat cheeks show up there as well!

Now compare to a couple "after" photos

Just a few minutes old. See the nose and cheeks?

First night home

Still the same chubby cheeks! Good for kissin' on!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We're Back!

Well our week in Waco came to an end today. :( Very busy week and weekend that we had! This time I finally remembered to take lots of pictures! We got there Tuesday afternoon and Carter and I did a whole lot of nothing during the days, while Christiaan was at work. I studied some for my PPR test(that I take tomorrow afternoon, say a prayer!), but mostly just relaxed and hung out. Saturday we went to the wedding of Christiaan's friend(where I got no pictures of us all gussied up), and then met his brother Jason and his niece and nephew to watch fireworks. At the celebration, Christiaan's mom won a huge box of fireworks! Thanks Nana! We were worried that the fireworks would be too loud for Carter, but he actually liked them! The show was super long, especially for small town Speegleville! Sunday we went to church and then met the rest of the family at his aunt and uncle's house for lunch and swimming. Then we went to downtown Waco and watched the fireworks show from Christiaan's work parking lot. It was really neat because they shoot the fireworks at the old bridge on the Brazos River. Once again, Carter enjoyed the show! Monday was spent sleeping in and then we went to a cookout at our friends' Rex and Donna's house. Here are some(or a lot!) pictures from our trip.

Thanks for the cool shirt Auntie Brooke!

Practicing tummy time. His neck is getting very strong!


Being entertained by Julius

He somehow kept sticking his wrist through that red ring

A mouthful of sweet potatoes! Carter has been eating them for a little over a week now, and has moved on to green beans, both of which he seems to love! No complaints yet, but I am sure that I will find something he doesn't like eventually!

Sidenote: I noticed that it looks like he spends a lot of time in that bouncer...I promise I don't force him to sit there all the time, its just that its a convenient place for feeding, playing, napping, pictures.....he has also been practicing sitting up!

I know its blurry, but check out the crazy hair!

Jasmin playing with sparklers before the fireworks show

Talking to Nana


Funny story.....Christiaan told Julius to make a funny face and point in this picture, and just as I was snapping the picture a huge June bug flew across Julius' forehead! He had no idea, but Christiaan saw it and was ducking. Check out the close up shot of Ju Ju...

This was the face that Carter was making at the fireworks! How many dang chins can one baby have??

With Jazzy and Ju Ju on the Fourth

Once again with the big eyes!

Hope you had a good Fourth of July!