Sunday, February 27, 2011

Party Central

Brief sidenote:

Carter will eat ANYTHING!! Literally, has not turned up his nose at anything, including lemons and pickles, and BEGS for whatever food we (or anyone around us) are eating. Some proof:

Celery. What??
A cupcake. I ate it for breakfast and he went nutso when I wouldn't share!

He seems to like the icing best. Wonder where he gets that?
On to the parties!
Last weekend we celebrated Brycen's first birthday. It was Texas Ranger themed, and man did he get some awesome presents!!

The birthday boy eating his cake

Carter put on his best face for the party, but the poor guy woke up with a fever that morning, so I took him straight to CareNow where my suspicions of ear infections were confirmed. Say a prayer for our poor guy, we may be looking at tubes if he continues to have ear problems! :(

Megan with Carter at Business Day at my school. Christiaan had the day off so he brought Carter up to check out the madness. Carter found a table that was selling balloons, and he was happy as a lark!

Friday night C3 held a benefit dinner for Dad. There was an AMAZING turnout, and Mom and Dad were blessed with an even more amazing donation!
Dad addressing the masses

It was packed!

Isn't he looking good?

Charles and Ruth Garrett, very dear friends from OHBC back in the day.

My mini-me. Although she is not so very mini anymore!
Today we ventured to Keller for Jack's 6th birthday party. It was at an indoor pool place. Carter got a new swim suit for the occasion, since he has obviously outgrown last year's! He was a little fishie of course. I can't wait for the summer!!

Jake and Bentley. B loved the pool too!

Throwing the ball to Uncle Matt

The birthday boy! I can't believe he is 6 already!
We only have 2 more weeks of school before spring break! We have already begun planning for Carter's party, which will be here way too soon.
Also, Dad goes in tomorrow for a bone marrow biopsy and an MRI on his hip, and possibly a CT scan of his lungs to see if the fungus has cleared. The doctor said he is amazed at how long Dad has been able to stay at home(4 weeks now). He is hoping that they will be able to go straight to the transplant process and avoid an extra round of chemo! Please say a prayer for good test results!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Guess what was delivered today while I was sandal-readying my feet for the upcoming warm weather by getting a pedicure??

Of course.

My boots that have been backordered since Christmas, until last week.

Thank God we live in Texas, where it could still snow one more time this year. It's only February, and last year it snowed like 5 inches when Carter was a week old. So hopefully I will get some good wear out of them!

But aren't they pretty??

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Radio Flyer

Look who got a new wagon!!

Lots more pictures and things to share, but our Internet has been out and will hopefully be fixed tomorrow. Perhaps you should pray for the poor Verizon guy that will be out to work on the router, because I used the last remaining bit of patience that I have designated for electronic issues on the lady I spoke with at Verizon on Friday. I sincerely hope it gets handled easily! Happy Presidents Day!!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Romero's Come to Visit

This past Saturday, some of Christiaan's family came to visit for the day. Friday was his niece Jasmin's 7th birthday, and since we haven't been able to go visit in Waco since Christmas, they decided to come up here. His mom, brother Jason and his wife Edna, and the kids Julius and Jasmin drove up early Saturday and we met them at the American Girl store. Christiaan about had a heart attack when he saw the prices of those dolls! He is in for a shock if we ever have a girl! Jasmin used some of her birthday money to help purchase a doll that looks a lot like her, and an ice skating outfit for her. That place was CRAWLING with little girls, all carrying their own doll, and both the dolls and the little girls were dressed to the nines.

Carter was demonstrating his walking skills since they hadn't seen it in person yet.

Jazzy and her doll

Edna helping her dress the doll. It ended up taking both of us to get that doll's dang clothes on!! I'm a little out of practice with the doll dressing stuff.

So cute!

I love this picture! Those 2 kids LOVE their baby cousin, and I wish we could see them more!

In front of the store
Then we spent a good portion of the rest of the day in the Galleria. We covered many shops, ate lunch, and SOME of us went ice skating. (More on that in a minute...)

Jazzy and JuJu were watching the ice skaters, and Carter wanted in on it. He wanted to do everything they did! In this picture, Debra was trying to trick Christiaan into thinking that Carter had thrown his binky over the edge, but little did she know that earlier in the day he had actually thrown it off of Christiaan's balcony. I'm surprised it didn't end up on the skating rink!
So. The kids wanted to skate, but none of the adults wanted to. Not even their own parents. I declined, because I have done plenty of ice skating in the last 2 weeks, thankyouverymuch, but I dare you to turn down a begging birthday girl, and her momma who is promising to buy you a Starbucks. Alas, I drew the short straw and laced up my rented skates for the first time in about 7 years.

This is how we all 3 started. It didn't really get much further away from the wall than this either!
Then Julius got the hang of it and ventured off the hand rail.... While Jasmin and I posed for pictures about every round...

And stuck pretty close to the wall!
It was fun, and you will be glad to know that I managed to stay upright the entire experience, but I do not see that becoming my new hobby. Although Christiaan said I should in order to build up my weak ankles that essentially have no cartilage left. Um, no thanks.

Can't get enough of each other!

After we had seen every square inch of the mall(and I discovered that was not lying, and they in fact, did not have my coveted Uggs in stock. Sad day.), we decided to go to Main Event to see what kind of trouble fun we could find. We ended up bowling, which is always a good time!
Carter hung out with Nana

We went bowling on our first date, and this was the first time we had been since then!

The birthday girl kicked our butts! Although, she did play with bumpers(which, by the way, you could automatically program them for certain people! How cool!)so I am not sure that really counts...but as you can see, I had such a stellar score anyways. I would like to point out that I beat Christiaan by one point. Perhaps this should be our new past time.

Poor guy was beat from all the excitement, and passed out cold on Nana!
We were so glad to see them! We wished the rest of them could have come too, but maybe another time. With Christiaan's odd work schedule during all his training, it has really not been possible to go to Waco lately. Bummer.
Sunday was so beautiful that we spent some time eating leaves playing in the front yard.

See? Leaves are yummy. I missed that memo.

Attempting to catch a cute photo op, and Libby felt left out.

Bright light ruined it, but cute anyways!

Have a good week, y'all!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Horse rides and such

I showed Mom my friend Emily's video of Molly riding her rocking horse, and she decided that it was high time to drag our rocking horse that Grandpa made us out from under the piano. Carter figured it out right fast!

YouTube Video

I discovered a new app called Instagram and look what it does to iPhone pics!

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Dinner Menu

For your reading entertainment, I thought I would share what Carter ate tonight.

Prior to us going to dinner, I gave him a Gerber toddler meal like this one, and he ate every last bite.

At the restaurant he ate several handfuls of Cheerios and Froot Loops, a lemon slice, and drank some of a bottle.

When our food came, he LOST HIS MIND from starvation, and proceeded to eat about half of my rice and beans and several bites of Christiaan's food. He also drank some of Christiaan's lemonade. (I'm sure I will change a lovely diaper in repayment of the beans. He is a Webb, afterall!)

Just before bed he drank some more of his bottle.

And this was a light night. Some nights I think he will never stop eating! I mean, have you seen the boy?? He's never been higher than the 10th percentile in weight and height, and yet he eats more than some of my second graders. High metabolism much? Hollow leg perhaps?

I'm sure it explains the recent leap in clothing sizes....

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Christmas in February

Since Dad was home from the hospital finally, we decided to have our Christmas with my mom's family. We normally have this celebration on Christmas Eve but we put off the present exchange until Mom and Dad could be there. The only thing that stunk was that Miranda had to work after 4 days of not being able to make it through the snow, so she had to miss out. We didn't take our traditional bow picture with all the girls since she wasn't there. First time in about 6 or 7 years! I didn't get many good pictures, mainly because Carter was using Christiaan and me as a jungle gym while we were opening gifts. But here are a few of what I did get.

Dad, Mom, Micah, Aly, Hayden, Grandma, and Chloe
Upside down!

Nathan and Chandler. I swear, every time you try and take their picture together, this is what you get!

It wouldn't have been a normal Christmas gathering without some sort of drama. This was the aftermath of one incident: Devin's antique snowglobe got knocked over and shattered. Drew was attempting to glue the statue inside back in its place.
The other incident that I did not get any pictures of was that Karen's yorkie Griffin fell into the frozen over pool. Christiaan went to the truck with a load of gifts and came back in saying that he was hearing a weird noise that sounded like a dog yelping. At first she suggested that it was the neighbors dog across the street, but when he said it was behind the house, about 5 people immediately ran out back. The porch light was burned out of course, and despite the darkness Christiaan and Micah found poor Griffy about waist deep in frozen water on the top step of the pool! He was stiff from being so cold, but after being blow-dryed and wrapped in a warm fleece blanket and sitting in front of the fire, he was good as new! We aren't sure if he actually fell in, as he has never done that before, or if Clyde the St. Bernard pushed him in. Seeing as how 2 other of their dogs have recently come to an untimely death, the normally soft hearted Clyde is beginning to look like a serial dog killer.
Anyways, today we are home again on another "snow"day! 5th in 2 weeks! Insanity. I have no plans of going anywhere today, even though the roads are mostly clearing, because it is still below freezing and the wind is blowing like crazy. Carter and I have caught up on some sleep that we were already behind on this week. We will see in the morning what the day brings! I am betting we will be back to school, possibly with a delayed start.
Dad got some good news at his clinic visit yesterday. He gets to stay at home until at least next Friday, only doing the IV treatments every other day, and going to the clinic for them. They want to monitor his levels more closely since last week his potassium got so high that it could have stopped his heart! They also said that the fungus in his lungs has shrunk a good deal, so the treatment is working! And there are still no blasts showing up in the bloodwork. Keep praying it away!