Sunday, June 30, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas last year was a bit different than usual. For starters, we were released from the hospital on Christmas Eve morning, Shannon didn't have her kids on Christmas eve(when we normally get together with my mom's family), we didn't see my Dad's family at all, and then it snowed several inches on Christmas day.  And obviously, we couldn't(or I guess weren't ready to!) travel with a 3 day old baby to Waco to see Christiaan's family. So, we spent a quiet Christmas Eve at the barn getting settled into having 2 kids, woke up the next morning and gave Carter what few gifts we had bought him. We had planned on buying him a few more things over the weekend before, but obviously that didn't happen! Then we dressed, packed both kids and ourselves a small bag in case we got trapped somewhere from the weather, and met Micah and Aly at my mom's and had Christmas with them. Then we all went over to Grandma and Grandpa's and had Christmas with my mom's family and my Nannie. Christiaan bravely drove us home the long way at my request so as to avoid driving over the bridges on the lake, and then we had Christmas with his mom and sister when they came 2 days later to pick up Carter for a few days. It was a odd one, and I think that I could have not opened one gift myself and still been just as overjoyed at the holiday since our sweet girl had joined us early!

Both our babies with our itty bitty tree

Presents from Momma and Daddy

His stocking at GranPam's

This was the first time Nannie had gotten to see her

Snow! We had to make him come in, even though he was freezing!

Devin, Mom, Chloe, Nathan, and Carter

Devin recreating an infamous picture we took a few years ago

Carter listening to Grandpa recite Twas the Night Before Christmas

Drew and Karen insisted that this gift be the first opened.

I love their faces!

A football helmet!

And a Big Wheel. Yes that is a Confederate flag hanging decoratively on the wall. No, we are not some crazy racists or anything, my Grandpa is just very into the Civil War. And we are from the South.

Ready for the bow picture

Family tradition

Merry Christmas from the FOUR Romero's! Side story: Since D's debut date was so up in the air, one of the things that I had made clear was that if she came before midnight on December 25th, someone needed to see that a Christmas outfit was purchased. Karen was convinced that she was coming early enough for that, so she bought this tutu outfit ahead of time, and then Brooke showed up to the hospital with a couple more Christmas outfits!

And Nana brought more Christmas!!

Notice how anything kitchen related are gifts to Christiaan? :)


For the Man Cave that he will one day have...

Awesome. Thanks Brandon and Candice.....just remember, payback is a you know what!

Ignore my sleep deprived face, but Delaney got a sweet gold bracelet!