Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Shoes

YouTube Video

Aunt Karen and Uncle Drew took Carter to get his first pair of Stride Rites today! They seem to help him walk better. I think his record is currently about 8 steps. He gets in too big a hurry, trying to run and ends up falling! Won't be long til he gives up crawling!
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Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'm trying out a new app for my phone that hopefully will work!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Its Been a Rough Month

So much has happened since my last post that I don't know where to start! It has truly been a roller coaster with everything going on with Dad. We dealt with issues from battling the insurance company(a win), many complications with his health due to him having no immune system for an extended period of time, not to mention the normal things that we call life around here. He has been dealing with a very sore hip, which after many tests and much concern has been determined to be inflammation that has set in to an injury that he didn't even know he got when he was in the wreck in the blazer! Last week Dr. B told us that he was fighting a fungal infection that could quickly become systemic due to the lack of immune system, and was what was the pneumonia in his lungs. But God proved him wrong when they were finally able to get a "sample"from his lungs! (sidenote: the pictures in the last post were taken the day Dr. B told us about the fungus, a very rough day for us all, and Carter coming to see Dad, and Dad working up the strength to walk down the hall to see him through the window was an awesome moment. Many tears.)

Amongst the worst to deal with, or at least for me personally the hardest emotionally, was when we found out the there were a few individuals at OHBC that were trying to get Dad fired from his position as music minister. These are a few evil people that are of the belief that church should be as they want it, and will take no prisoners in the their attack. They use their money to take advantage of people who have no backbone to stand up to them. Fortunately there are many members of the church who fully support my dad, and have a conscience to realize how unChristian like it would be to fire a man who is fighting for his life. I am so grateful for those people, however my sinful, earthly nature makes me want to personally bear witness to God's punishment to the evil ones, one man in particular. Y'all need to pray for the families of him and his cohorts, as I would hate to see those people be punished for something they didn't do. But I am sure God has a special seat in hell for those that directly attack His workers!


Sorry about the venting.

So the plans change daily, but as of right this moment, Dad is going to get to come home tomorrow and then report back Tuesday for 4 days of chemo. Those blasted blast cells left a few buddies hanging around that Dr. B wants to get rid of before transplant. Please pray that there are nowhere near the complications he has had this go around, so that they can move on with the transplant process! My mama needs prayers too for strength and endurance.

Just as Carter was finally getting back to normal after his multiple illnesses at Christmas, last Friday I came down with an upper respiratory infection. By Tuesday Carter was running a low fever and very cranky. The doctor had told me to stay home from school on Tuesday to recover, so Christiaan took him to the doctor Wednesday since I needed to be at school. Ear infections. Again. Poor guy! We are really hoping it does not become an issue and he ends up needing tubes! And poor, sweet Christiaan spent Friday thru Tuesday taking care of me, and then stayed with Carter on Wednesday! I generally welcome cold weather simply for 2 reasons: A) the opportunity to wear Green Poofy, my beloved ginormous coat, and B)the remote possiblity of just one snow day. However, having the little guy has changed my opinion, at least with him being so young still, because I am seeing the cold weather as evil Jack Frost who brings sickness and many visits to the doctor.

Well here are a few random pictures that I have taken over the last couple of weeks.

Snow! Our June birthday puppy has never seen it!

Actually Carter's 2nd snow, but if you recall the first was on his one week birthday and my mom threatened us with our lives if she saw even one picture of him outside. So the first official snow.

Trying to figure it out

(See Green Poofy? We are celebrating 10 years together this winter!)

He lasted a few minutes, until his hand got cold from touching the snow, and then he was done

We have couches! Brooke's mom gave Christiaan her old ones and Carter thinks they are fun to play peek a boo with!

Christiaan was replacing a plug or something all Mr. Fix-It that I know nothing about, and Carter wanted to help out!

Be still my heart. I want to blow this up and frame it, its so dang cute. (Aside from creepy dog eyes)

Watching the BCS game.

An extremely rare moment when either of them were sitting in one place! And next to each other even! They have become quite good friends all the sudden. They chase each other and even share toys!

Celebrating Dad's birthday in the hospital. The sweet nurses made sure the kitchen made him a delicious cake and then came to sing Happy Birthday!

The newest Webb! Miss Elliot Claire finally chose her birthday to be January 20th! She is beautiful and perfect and we are so happy for my cousin Brandon and his wife Nora!

Tasha is thrilled to finally be an aunt!

How did I forget to mention, that Carter is trying his hardest to take steps! He will take about 4-5 running steps before he falls over and laughs. I haven't gotten any pictures, but I do have a video that refuses to load onto this dinosaur computer. I am not ready for him to walk yet! He is so into everything, and is so smart and mechanical. You can totally see the wheels turning as he is studying something. I cannot believe that he is 10 months old already!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Guess I have to get back into the swing of things....

Well Carter is feeling much better now, thank God, because that was an awful week or so of sickness! Unfortunately, tomorrow is back to real life, since I go back to school. I really wish that I could have enjoyed the break, but I am glad that I was off to take care of my sick little guy! Now to just break him of his new habit of sneaking into bed with mommy....

This is what all we did the end of the week, once the meds kicked in....

Went to visit GranPam at the hospital. We didn't go up to Dad's room, just to keep the germs away, and he was really tired anyways(thank you IV Benadryl). We walked over to the new Children's hospital and enjoyed the lobby there.

They had these cool bubble things on the ground that had gel inside, so when you put pressure on it it moved around.

They also have a little courtyard right off the lobby.

For New Year's we went to our friends Brad and Bri's house. They set up Brycen's pack n' play for Carter to crash in. I didn't get any pictures on my camera, but we were introduced to the Wii game Just Dance, and oh. my. word. the fun we had with that!! Too bad we don't own a Wii, or I would use it to work out to!

Just as I snapped the camera, he gave me a juicy kiss! Very into loving on momma since he has been feeling bad!

I made sure that all 3 of us ate black eyed peas so that maybe this year will be an awesome one!

Me and Bri
We met them for dinner last night and the boys(all 4 of them!) were play fighting

Little photo shoot to capture how handsome he looked in this outfit today before he outgrows it. He was moving the leaves out of the way to get to the dirt. And so it begins.

Dad has a bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday, so please pray that it will be clear of blast cells! Those are the bad guys. Not to be confused with the insurance company. His amazing oncologist has had his people working hard to convince Humana to let him be the official oncologist again, so that he will be able to do the transplant at Medical City as well, and it is looking like they are finally winning the battle! And the cord blood match they have waiting is a very good match, so we are singing praises for that! He has been doing pretty good, just dealing with a few side effects. Mom told me today that last night the meds he was given made him have crazy dreams and think he was hearing things, and when he kept sitting upright and looking behind him in the night she finally asked him what he was doing, and he said he thought he heard me talking! Christiaan said well you do talk loudly....may or may not be true!
So....we move back into the new normal that we fell into last year when Dad was gone so long. Keep praying for him....its working!