Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2 Months Old

On Friday Carter turned 2 months old. We went to the doctor and his new stats are 10 lbs 9 oz, 22 in long. He moved up to the 25th percentile! Sounded like pretty good progress until I found out that Molly, whom he shares a birthday with, weighed in at 12 lbs! Poor baby got 5 shots, but he did pretty good since it was feeding time and I had a bottle ready to go. Friday night after Spring Sing at my school we headed out to make our first solo trip to Waco. I was exhausted and totally stressed by the time we got there, but the drive went pretty good. Saturday we went to Christiaan's company picnic. We also had a great visit with his family, and they were excited to see Carter since it has been a month and he sure has changed since then! It wasn't a long enough weekend though. While I was in Waco I got the awesome news that my cousin Brandon and his wife Nora just found out they are expecting! Congrats to you guys and I am super excited! Sorry I didn't get many pictures this weekend, but I was running on steam (and mass quantities of coffee!)so I didn't really think about it.

In case anyone is interested, which you had better be or else, here are some things that Carter is doing these days:

  • Smiling and letting out little laughs
  • "Talking." He is really becoming animated!
  • Watching cartoons and anything else that sings and is colorful on TV(I know, neglectful Mommy I am! But hey, he likes it...)
  • My mom taught him to sing while she pats his mouth, and he makes the funniest noises when she does that

  • Sleeping longer through the night! Hooray! Not consistently, but definitely a start!

On another note....10 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL!!! This seriously makes me so happy I could cry. I am so ready to be in a cool swimming pool and for my alarm to not go off at 5 AM!

Watching TV. I believe this is Simon's sour puss on American Idol.

2 months old!

I don't know what he stores in these cheeks of his!

These are Christiaan's co-worker Christina's twin girls. They were fascinated by Carter and kept trying to share their sippy cups and give him kisses!

That's all folks! Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Long Time, No Blog

Since the last time I had a minute to write a post, here is what Carter Man has been up to...

Hanging out with some friends

Spending time with family

(Drew has to ruin every picture by making dumb faces)

(Please excuse the unsightly blob in this picture. I was really tired.)

Attending his first family birthday partyWe celebrated April birthdays in my mom's family at Karen and Drew's...Miranda, Devin, Chloe, and Chandler. It was the first time since Carter was born and Grandpa was in the hospital that we have gotten together, and it was nice to get back to normal! Of course, there was a waiting line to hold Carter, and Drew was quite impatient for his turn.

I started back to work last week. It was definitely hard to leave him, even though his "daycare" is being passed around by family that are spoiling him. The 2 times that he has stayed with my grandma, she has literally not put him down all day! Dad and Nannie are not much better though. He is going to be rotten! On Thursday I came down with strep, the first time since I was in grade school I have had it. I almost made it through the whole year without getting sick! (aside from being pregnant!) The joys of teaching elementary. I felt so terrible that I would have gladly traded being 900 months pregnant or giving birth without pain meds again just to feel better!

Lastly, before this turns into a marathon blog, here are some pics from this weekend.

My sleepy boys. Love this picture!

My first Mother's Day

Carter thinks this wind chime is hilarious

And a close up of chubby cheeks to leave you with!

(FYI-it took me a week to finish writing this post, UGH! Hopefully as I get adjusted to being a working mom I will update more often!)