Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Very Craptastic Merry Christmas

Well life has changed dramatically in the last 2 weeks. We found out that Dad's leukemia had relapsed, after being in remission for over a year. We got this news the Tuesday before Christmas. Fortunately, Dad was allowed to come home for the night and then check in the next morning. We decided to open presents with our immediate family that night. Mom and Dad wanted to see Carter open his presents! He was perfect that night. He was so excited to open presents, and was really funny. So, Mom and Dad have been in the hospital since last Wednesday, and our Christmas was totally different this year. To top that off, Carter started a cough and low grade fever on Thursday. I called the pediatrician's office and didn't hear back from the nurse until late that day, and she told me it sounded like a typical cold but there would be a doctor on call over the holiday weekend. By Christmas morning, his fever was 102, but the on call doctor said if it was a manageable fever(meaning it was easily broken by Tylenol or ibuprofen), and a wet cough, then it was probably just a cold. But by yesterday I had had enough and made him an appointment for today. Thank God I did because he has RSV, strep, bronchitis, and ear infections in both ears. Hopefully after all the shots and prescriptions he will get to feeling better soon, because he has not been himself. Tomorrow I am going to the doctor to see if I have strep. Then the pediatrician wants to see Carter again on Thursday.

Anyways, now that you are caught up on our news, here are a bunch of pictures from the last couple of weeks!

9 months old!

Little Santa by GranPam's tree

Opening presents with the Pruitt's and Malone's. Obviously he was excited! I think he likes to open presents more so because of the tearing of the paper than what is going to be inside!

Raygen, Carter, and Brycen
At Bentley's first birthday party. Chay hired Santa to come pose for pictures!

Meagan and the adorable Preslie! (AKA Boo from Monsters Inc!)
I am so excited to finally get a chance to take a picture of us four girls and our kiddos! Not sure what they were all looking at though...

Carter checking out what all he's about to open!

Fish for the bathtub in his stocking

A microphone to distort his voice. Which he totally knows how to use.

Wrapping paper is yummy!

GranPam and Grand Dude got his a Mater car. It makes all kinds of noises and has storage under the seat. He loves it and it won't be long before he is cruising around the house!

See how much he loves it!

Drew and the boys figured out how to set up Skype so the Mom and Dad could join us for Christmas Eve! So awesome! We didn't open gifts yet, but we still decided to get together.

Nannie on Christmas Day. We went to Uncle David's house for a most delicious lunch, and for gift exchange.

Carter with my cousin Patrick's wife Tasha

Aly with my cousin Brandon and his wife Nora. Nora is due to have Ellie(Elliot Claire, love the name!)in just 3 weeks! Yay for more Webb babies!

By this time, Carter totally had the gift thing figured out and would not stay out of the presents and tree!

And his face, after I had pulled him out of the tree for the billionth time.

A strange face, but he really does love the Leap Frog cell phone Nannie gave him!

Uncle Micah and Aunt Aly. She bought him the shirt, it says "I'm on my auntie's nice list!"

After that, we headed to Waco for Christmas with Christiaan's family. Julius LOVES to help out with Carter! He is very good with him too!

Can you tell by his face how miserable he was?

Nana gave Jasmin a bag with her name embroidered on it, and when she opened it she said "Hey! Somebody put my name on this bag!" It was so hilarious!

We gave Julius a utility knife, his very first one, and as he realized what it was he was looking around like he must be opening someone else's gift!

Debra made Jason a Chicago Bears blanket. He was demonstrating how he was going to wear it as he walked into the Super Bowl....dream on Jase!

Carter was too fascinated with Nana's tree

All those awesome new toys he just got, and he wants to play with Christiaan's old basketball!

Just some of Carter's gifts. Pretty much everything makes noise or sings songs of some sort!
To all our friends and family, I do not want to seem ungrateful for all our blessings this Christmas. Just please understand, to me this was not a good Christmas, what with my Dad being on chemo and my poor baby being so sick. Definitely not how I want to remember his first Christmas! What I am grateful for though is all our awesome friends and family who did their best to help us in various ways last week, and that Carter is not old enough to understand what is going on. I can't wait to show him what a normal Christmas looks like and for him to understand it! From here on out, I will be looking forward to this summer, when hopefully things will be on the upswing with Dad's recovery, and I will get lots of time to spend with Carter. Please pray that things will go well with all his treatment and transplant, and that various (major) issues with his completely retarded insurance company(don't get me started)(Humana sucks. Just sayin'.)will be worked out.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Fun

Ok, some quick updates, mostly in picture form. I'm going to try to keep up with all the activites of the month so as not to have a horrendously lengthy post!

Bri, me, and Megan and the boys freezing our patooties off at the Rowlett Christmas tree lighting

No, they are not sharing a pacifier, they have the same kind. Which creates a lot of stealing from each other!

The Chick Fil A cow

(Commence Star Wars theme in your head)
Playing with Raygen's light saber

Word of warning: if you wake him up from a good nap, he will not be nice to you. He may or may not get this from me.

We went to see Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at Casa Manana for our fall field trip, and guess who I ran into?? What an awesome surprise to see Chay and Bentley there with her MOPS people!

The boys after church last Sunday

Sweet loves!

Trying on Christmas jammies to go see Santa in

" OOOOHHHH I get to see Santa!"

Cutest. Picture. Ever

The visit with Santa went awesome! He just sat in his lap and smiled at the crazy people making funny faces behind the camera. I was way nervous because I had been seeing all these pictures that people were posting on Facebook of how their babies were screaming and I was fully prepared to pay $17.99 for a picture like that. I am sure that is what we will get next year though!

"Don't listen to them. I am a perfect angel. I would like a wagon and all kinds of noisy toys. Thanks Big Guy."

Both of the boys were not phased by the strange looking man. They are so sweet.

A few sidenotes.....Carter is saying words! Smart boy!! The day after Thanksgiving he started saying Dada, and in the last few days has started saying NO, although it generally comes out something like NA NA NA NA NA in a loud voice and is sometimes accompanied by a head shaking. Last night he discovered how to snort on purpose, and the more we laughed, the more he did it! He's definitely the class clown in the making. I foresee a lot of color changes in his future....oh well.

3 more days of school til break!! :)