Saturday, April 17, 2010

Play dates

Carter has had a busy week! On Thursday we met Emily and Molly for lunch. Carter and Molly were born on the same day, but Molly is significantly bigger than my little peanut! After lunch we stopped by the hospital to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Since Grandpa has been sick ever since Carter was a few days old, they have not gotten to spend much time with him. On Friday we spent most of the day at home and when Christiaan made it into town we went to Shane and Kasi's to hang out with them and Raygen and Brad, Bri, and Brycen. I am so grateful that Carter has so many friends already. Brooke said he has insta-friends!

Carter and Molly. It looks like they are ignoring each other....a sign of days to come?? :)

Carter and Brycen. We had to personalize their car seats because they have the same ones!

Some pics from our lazy Saturday

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Month Old

My little peanut is a month old today! It has flown by. This morning Ms Liz tried to take his pictures, but he was not very cooperative because he was wide awake and every time we tried to snuggle him on his tummy he would roll over! He is way too strong. Then we stopped by my school on our way to meet Brooke, Jack, and Brannan to shop. Carter is a popular guy up at Vista! We had a good visit with Brooke and the boys and then headed home. Those poor boys are going to get dragged around shopping a lot!

Comparing these two pictures you can really see how much he has grown. Christiaan said the bear is shrinking...

One week old

One month old...getting chunky!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Blog!

Brannan loaned us this outfit. I have a picture of him wearing it at about same age Carter is now!

Baby dedication on Easter Sunday. Carter was dedicated with his friend Brycen, whose parents Brad and Brianna both grew up with me at OHBC

I have 2 chins!

At the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco

He doesn't care to be swaddled anymore...he wants to sprawl out!

Hello blog world! Now that Mr. Carter has made his debut, I decided that I finally had a good reason to start a blog since we have many friends and family members that we can't always see very often. Hopefully I will figure all this out, seeing as how I am not very computer/internet saavy, and be able to keep it updated regularly! I have already missed out on almost a month of events, and boy has it been eventful! Carter has been dragged all around from the first week that he was born. So far he has been to a few of my cousin Chandler's baseball games, some church softball games, we almost made it to Jack's T-ball game, and last week on our weeklong visit with Christiaan in Waco we went to a Baylor baseball game. He is growing like a weed all of the sudden, and when I weighed him with me on the scale this morning it is showing he is somewhere around 8 lbs! His eating schedule is very regular, and he will let you know when he is hungry! The boy does not miss a meal.