Friday, November 26, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

I kinda feel the need to make up for the lack of pictures in the last post, and I think this one may handle that!

On Friday I took the day off, a "mental health" day. I needed a break from school. What did not occur to me was the Carter would not be in the mood to sleep in a little bit, so we were up at 6 am. At least I got some things done and got packed for the weekend, and we made a Target run, visited Nannie, and hit the road. We made it to Waco about the time that Christiaan got off work, and that night we went to the Baylor basketball games. The girls and the boys teams had a double header, so we saw about half of both games. Saturday morning Christiaan let me sleep for about 3 hours! And then he made us breakfast, and eventually we started to get ready for the day. The football game was a night game, so we got in late and then turned around Sunday morning and drove straight to Rowlett. I am so beyond ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks when life (hopefully!) will be a little calm for a few days!

Eating breakfast at Nana's house

We are working on the whole hand coordination thing. He totally cheats. If he can't get it into his mouth, he drops it onto his shirt and lifts the shirt into his mouth....

At the football game. Freezing!!! But no rain this time, thank goodness.

Christiaan's good friends, Cody and Matt

I went to get a funnel cake, and when I came back this is what I found sitting in front of my spot

Have you ever seen so much hair?? I mean, I literally could not see around or over it. I had some burning questions that I really wanted to ask her, like Is it all that your real hair? How long does it take to brush it out? When was the last time you did brush it out? How long is it if you straighten it? but I was too busy making sure she didn't lean back too far and get powdered sugar from my funnel cake in her hair. So I just asked the boys to scoot down a little bit so that I could watch the game again. Oh but the best part?? She had to be at least 6'5, AND....she was wearing a Snuggie. A Baylor Snuggie.

Ok, I don't care what team you are rooting for, you have to admit that the A&M band's halftime show is awesome! I have heard all these stories from my Grandpa about it, and finally got to see it in person.

Preview Sunday at C3. Awesome service! Amazing turnout! So excited for the future of this little church!

Carter playing in GranPam's laundry basket

I give you.....TEETH!!! These are the bottom 2, there are 2 on top, and the top middle ones are about to cut through also

No fear. Whatsoever. We need to make friends with an ER doctor, and fast!

Outtakes from the monthly bear picture. This is a 2 person minimum job, and at that, these were the best we got! Child does not stop moving.

"I would rather show them that I am taller than the bear, thanks."

He gets very lovey sometimes and gives big, slobbery kisses, and grabs your hair or neck and pulls you in!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm Tired

Totally lame post, no pictures. If you want to quit reading now, feel free! Its been a rough couple of weeks. Carter has been cutting SIX teeth all at the same time. OMG. There has been a whole lotta crying and not a lotta sleep, on both of our parts. Couple that with the general busy-ness of our life, and that makes me one tired momma! The only pictures that I have taken of Carter are from a bath the other night, and I am not posting those as I am not certain of the rules for nekkid pictures of your kid on the internet, and I just don't have the energy to explain to the picture police why I thought people might think pictures of my baby playing in the bathtub were cute.

Last weekend we found Christiaan an apartment. So exciting!! And on Sunday after church we headed straight to Denton where my dear friend Kim took our first family pictures. She did an uh-maz-ing job, and be looking for those soon in your Christmas card. From there we traveled to Southlake, where Matt had enlisted the help of Chay to surprise Brooke with a girls dinner at Rockfish for her birthday. It was great to see everyone! And nice to get to talk to all of them child-free. (Thanks Christiaan for letting me ditch you and making you watch the baby!)

I don't think I have ever felt so badly that I didn't want to go to work since I have been a teacher as I have this week. I hate that I have gone to school every day this week and just counted the hours until the clock hit 3. Its been a rough couple of weeks up there though. I am taking the day off tomorrow, just because! Hopefully Carter will sleep in a little(yeah right!) and then we will be heading to Waco in the afternoon. Very excited about the Baylor vs. A&M game Saturday night, and then preview Sunday at C3 Sunday morning!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This post may or may not contain an excessive amount of pictures of Carter with pumpkins and/or in his Halloween costume. Consider yourself warned.


On to the good stuff!

On Saturday we took Carter up to the pumpkin patch right down the road. We had tried to go to the Dallas Arboretum a couple weeks ago since they have a really cool pumpkin display, but it was insane that day. This patch was kinda slim pickens by Halloween Eve, and after about 4 pictures my camera battery died, but fortunately I had my other camera in the diaper bag and got some good ones.

Sometimes he looks like me so much that even I have to admit it! Like this face here...

He was more interested in eating the grass

And the pumpkins

He looks like such a little boy here!

We had Trunk or Treat at our new church, C3

Christiaan's truck all set up with games and candy

Halloween costume was not a success. He barely wore it long enough for pictures. He was supposed to be the Baylor bear, Bruiser, and Christiaan got a shirt for him to wear over the costume, but we never got that far!

Carter and Brycen

Christiaan carved the Baylor bear claw in our pumpkin! I do not have the patience for that kind of detail!

An attempt at pictures today. Not much more successful than before because he wanted to eat the grass again!

He is into EVERYTHING!! He climbs on anything that will stand still!! Here he was totally hacked because he couldn't lift his leg high enough to climb the rungs of the chair.

Busted! Climbed up on the coffee table by himself!

GrandDude and GranPam got him a new walking toy. I love his look of total concentration here!
Yeah that one tooth I said last time that he had?? Try 3, and 2 more about to break through! Poor kid! And poor mommy! Can I get a little sympathy here for how the last couple of weeks have been?

In other news....Christiaan will be moving here in the next couple of weeks! We are trying not to put too many details on the internet because we aren't sure of their privacy policies, but just know that the job is HERE and he starts November 22nd! We are beyond excited. So, our next few weekends will probably be pretty busy trying to find him a place to live, move him here, and it is still football season!