Thursday, December 24, 2015


One Saturday Delaney asked me to straighten her hair when I was doing mine. I was shocked at how long it was!

Molly's birthday party was a park

They rode on this old school merry go round forever. I didn't even know playgrounds were allowed to have these anymore.


This was the end of a few days of this girl stirring up trouble every time she was out of my sight for 30 seconds. 

Christiaan and I got to have a so called babymoon. We dropped the kids at his mom's house in Waco and went to San Antonio for two nights. We had a blast sleeping and being lazy at our super nice hotel, and being all touristy at the River walk.

Our hotel had a rocking continental breakfast

We split a (giant!) mango while at the market. He ate the outside because the chile was way too hot for me. 

And we went to see my dad's childhood home. They lived in the duplex on the right, and his grandparents lived on the left side. My PawPaw built the garage in the back. I got super emotional after we left there. I don't know that he ever took me there when I was younger, and I wish he would have been around to tell me stories of his childhood. I am sure he stirred up quite a bit of trouble at this tiny little house. 

This is the elementary school that Daddy and his brother David attended

Back in Waco, we took the kids to the Cameron Park Zoo

I took a picture of Carter with this elephant 5 years earlier when he was 3 weeks old

Since he had requested a piƱata for his birthday, Christiaan and I found the perfect one while we were in San Antonio! But we had to bust it at Nana's house, because we wouldn't have room in our car to take it back to Dallas with us.

And back to the bowling alley we went for the third year in a row!

Christiaan had a craving for crawfish

Waiting on team pictures. 

He played on the Iron Pigs this season. Half the season was t-ball and the other half was coach pitch.

His turn at pitcher

If the shoe fits....

Well hello seasonal allergies.....

Hot. Mess. Express.