Tuesday, August 7, 2012

iPhone dump

It seems like I catch more moments on my phone than my actual camera. Thank goodness for iPhones!

Breakfast with Molly

Reading to Rigg. So cute. He would say "see dat? Dat's a wion. See dat? Dat's a monkey."

Drying off after swimming at D and KK's


He insisted on being part of a belly bump pic

Again with the dog

And the semi-feral one

For at least 2 days he asked for rice beans at every meal, so we finally gave in and took him to Chiloso.

At one of his favorite restaurants, Chipotle. Looking a lot like his favorite Little Rascals character Porky!

Aaaand the uncontrollable buying of girl stuff has begun! Aunt Bri got her the sleepers and Christiaan and I picked out the others just hours after the big appointment!

And this past weekend in Waco I got her a onesie from the bookstore and C's uncle got her the other things. I'll be making her a green and yellow tutu to complete it!

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Part 2

Harper bug turned one!

Oh my. She knew exactly what to do with that smash cake!

Silly kid

After Harper's party we caught the Sachse fireworks show.  Yes they are going in for a kiss...

Sharing a push pop

The next morning I took Carter to the local splash park for a little bit

That night we went to downtown Rowlett for the July 4th festival to support our C3 booth.  Someone gave him a Buzz Lightyear tattoo, and he was thrilled!

Miss too big for her britches trying to pull our wagon!

Don't they just scream trouble?? Good thing they are so darn cute, because they are just a ball of mischief! (ignore Brad's photobomb in the background. Some things never change.)

Please explain how A)2 preggos end up buying the same shirt and then B)end up both wearing them to the July 4th festival??

The Romero's

The Malone's

The Perrin's

Christiaan and Jason

An advantage to living in the boonies is the ability to play with small fireworks without your neighbors calling the police! Christiaan bought some sparklers from the stand down the road from us and we had fun with them one night

One day Bri and I met Brooke at a trampoline place. Probably the best and most entertaining $4 I have ever spent on Carter. Why can't they open one closer though?? When Bran needed to chill out, he would steal Brooke's phone

Luckily I had the excuse of being pregnant to not have to get on the trampolines

Love these boys!

We met Emily and the girls at Chick fil A one morning, and Carter and Molly just both happened to be wearing crocs.  Carter noticed this when they took them off to play, and lined them up like this! 

This past weekend Carter and I went to Waco for Edna's baby shower. She could pop any minute!

Christiaan's aunt Tammy gave the shower at her house, and while the big kids swam, the little kids played in the sprinkler

Second cousins, Mia and Blaise

Edna had a wonderful shower! I don't think they will be buying diapers or wipes for several months!
I have been absolutely HORRIBLE about taking pictures the last few months.  It just seems like everything I do drains me completely, between the Texas heat and being preggo and chasing an active toddler.  That is a whole other post though! I have got to make a better effort of that, or this new baby will never have pictures taken! 

Also, seeing as how we are expanding our family, I think its time to change the name of the blog since it won't only be about Carter anymore.  I am at a loss for a clever name though, so please give me suggestions!

My attempt to catch up

Well.  I am finally getting around to uploading pictures from our camera and stealing some of my mom's internet for awhile to get some posted.  Seeing as how we only have 2 weeks left of summer break, I'll recap what we have done so far. Well at least what I managed to take pictures of...
We made a day trip to Waco for the funeral of Christiaan's pastor of his home church and of course had a quick visit with the fam.

Helping Nana make eggs for breakfast

My beautiful friend Deanna got married at the Arboretum and we were asked to be a part of the very small and perfect ceremony. 

We went to a Ranger game with the Pruitt's, Malone's, and Perrin's.  I didn't get many pics because I was hot and cramped and Carter kept going back and forth to different seats

With cousins Chloe and Thomas at the Webb reunion

Uncle Bubba


After the reunion we spent several days at Nana's house in Waco. That's Play-doh, not poop, that he is playing with....

Some sort of meticulous set up involving Hot Wheels and pennies

Jazzy love

We went to the Cameron Park Zoo

Edna and her babies. And big baby bump! Poor thing still had to go through the whole summer!

One of his favorites, the giraffes

We also went to Chuck E. Cheese's with Nana and the kids.  Carter had never been but knew what it was from commercials, and he had a blast!

He wouldn't stand up on the stage with Chuck E. so this chair was as close as he would get!

We attended the big gender reveal party for the Perrin's, where we found out they are having a girl!!

Four preggos from church! There is one more that was not there that is due in September, but (in order) Chassidy is due in October, Chelsea is due in November, Kate is due in December, and I'm due in January! They haven't quite figured out what they will do with all those babies at church yet...

AB shared her snazzy silver sandals with Carter

Blackmail. Plain and simple.

We spent a couple of days with Brooke and the boys. We were thrilled to see that Brannan actually allowed Carter to get near him and his possessions, and didn't totally hate him the whole time! Lol.  Some day they will be inseparable....

And also met our "neighborhood" friends and kiddos at their local water park.  Preslie, Bentley, Carter, Jack, and Brannan. So much fun!! I'm not sure how we managed to get them all to hold hands and pose, but I can assure you that it involved 4 moms and a lot of idiocy and monkey dancing behind the cameras.

I just realized that July up to now uploaded like 75 pics from the camera, so I will be back with a part 2....