Sunday, December 29, 2013


Grandpa gave her a sucker....which of course she LOVED

Sitting like a big girl in brother's car

Carter and his Daddy helped decorate his room....

Game day ready!

A concert

He said he was building his sister a new house

Jackson came for a visit

Spaghetti face

Uncle D!

First major boo boo....fell off the couch head first. Sad day for momma

Spirit week at my school, and the babies joined in!

D, Liam, and Harrison

Neon day

Book character day. This beautiful blondie is one of my kiddos, and I couldn't resist a picture in their matching dresses!

And my creativity was all dried up....Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, pretty lame, I know

We went to Claire's birthday party at a little farm in Rockwall. The kids loved the animals!

Both kids! Sister went ape over them!

They had a hayride too

And a pumpkin patch

About the best shot I could get of both of them

Seriously, Libby is the best dog ever. She loves my babies, and they love her too. What will I ever do if something happens to her??

Sunday, December 15, 2013

More Fall Catch up

Bri's shower for Brynlee. I cannot tell you what these girls mean to me! And every one of us has had a baby in the last year...and Jen is on the 2nd in 2 years!

After the shower I headed to Southlake to spend my birthday night with Brooke. I made it just in time to see this baby girl off to her homecoming dance. Seriously. And then, naturally, an afternoon of shopping and an evening of dinner and staying up late, and I didn't get a single picture of Brooke and I!

Enjoying a pretty day in the front yard

Digging in the flower bed

9 months


Loves her some food!

Bath time fun

Cousins and a rivalry

We celebrated Elan's 2nd birthday at Chuck E Cheese in Waco.

These two are trouble

Brandon and Elan got to do the ticket booth!

Early morning freezing Baylor parade

Our little vampire

D was sharing her food with Jaden

And at the game we got to be part of a halftime show "trick"....holding up poster things so it could spell out something

Someone didn't do it right.....haha

Last homecoming at the Floyd Casey Stadium!