Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacation Bible School

This past week we spent our mornings at VBS. I have been really looking forward to VBS this year since I would actually get to work the whole week instead of just one day, or not at all. I LOVE having summers off!! I was put in charge of getting the 3rd and 4th graders to and from all the stations, so Carter spent his first time in the nursery! He was the only baby, so of course he was rotten all week with all the people that came in to play with him. What a busy week we had! Chloe and Devin stayed with us 2 nights, then Christiaan came in Friday and we went to watch the OHBC softball games. Saturday we went swimming at Aunt K and Uncle D's pool, which Carter spent about an hour straight floating in the pool! He LOVES the pool! Sunday was the VBS wrap up service, and besides the kids from VBS being there, I got to see a few of my students from last year! I really do miss those kiddos!

Tell me why Carter decides to start crying everytime I am writing a blog post....anyone else have this problem?? Now you know why they are so few and far between.... are a ton of pictures from what we have been up to this week!
Thanks Ms. Debbie for taking such good care of me at VBS!

Megan Smith, just one of the many visitors that came to the nursery to play with Carter! Pretty sure I changed her diapers when she was little....

Mom and Devin leading the music and motions

Cowgirl Chloe

Devin may R-U-N-N O-F-T with my child!

With Uncle Drew at church Sunday
Shane used Christiaan for an illustration during the sermon! He lassoed and tied him up, and then made him sit like that the whole sermon! Good thing it was short... :)
Check out these horses that Aly painted for VBS. She is incredibly talented!!
Carter helping GrandPam on the computer
We bought a little battery-powered fan and rigged it on the stroller, since Carter does NOT like to be hot! Works pretty well!
Carter and Brycen watching the softball games
That's all for now! Don't expect any updates until next week, because we are packing up again and heading back to Waco tomorrow, and will be there until next Tuesday! Lots of time with Christiaan and his family! And Carter's first 4th of July! I've got to be better about taking more pictures while we are there. I am taking my PPR test next Wednesday, the last test for official teaching certification. I am told it is easy, but I would definitely appreciate a prayer next Wednesday afternoon!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Three Months Old! And other stuff....

Big man turned 3 months on Monday! He is looking so old these days, I swear he looks like a little boy already.

This afternoon Carter tried rice cereal with a spoon for the first time. He did pretty well, but it apparently does not taste very awesome, according to the faces he made after every bite. I will agree that the smell from it was pretty heinous, so I can only imagine what it tasted like!

Going in....

Ugh that's disgusting!

Mom, you are evil

Ok, maybe not totally evil....maybe I do like this stuff!

By the way, I would appreciate it very much if no one would forward these pictures to my pediatrician, as I have chosen to buck the system and try "solid" foods prior to four months of age. I am sure she would have opinions on this, and possibly the fact that he has been getting rice cereal in his bottle since four weeks. Oh, and probably that he sleeps on his tummy. Eh, whatever. Anyways......

Happy Father's Day to this guy!

And to my dad and Grandpa, although I did not get any pictures of Carter with them.

Happy little fishie in the bathtub tonight

And now, since Carter is clean, fed, and crashed for the night, I am going to head that way soon myself since we start a busy week of VBS tomorrow!

Friday, June 18, 2010


The last week Carter and I have been roaming the state paying some visits to people. Last Thursday we headed back to Waco, then left Friday afternoon for Burnet to spend the weekend at Lake Buchanan for the annual Webb reunion. We spent Monday in Waco and then headed to Auntie Brooke's house in Keller for a couple days. All this, and the poor kid has decided that he H-A-T-E-S being in the carseat with a passion! Poor guy! He did get to visit with lots of cousins and friends, and many people got to see him for the first time.

Napping with Julius

This was our view for the weekend! The lake is still low but MUCH higher than last year, when I thought it would be cool to check out the dry lake bed and, well......

Learned my lesson!

Visiting with cousins Kerri, Thomas, and Emily

I don't know who took this picture, but this pretty much sums up how he best enjoys his time....relaxed in his "recliner," watching TV(note the remote!). I swear, the child is perfectly content to watch NickJr. all day! Not sure if I should be worried....

Aunt Aly and Uncle Micah

Next stop, Travis household, Keller, Texas

BFF's, Brannan and Carter

Watching TV(yet again!)with Jack

Jack told his mom that he needed "stuff" to make a cake for me, since he would miss me when I left. Apparently the ingredients to a cake made by a 5-year old are broken graham crackers, mini vanilla wafers, marshmellows(affectionately known at their house as snarshnellows), and blueberries. Mix with hands and microwave for 15 seconds, serve with a smile and both a spoon and fork.


We also got to visit with Chay and Bentley and Meagan and the bump that is Preslie, but naturally no one had a free hand or moment to take any pictures. How times have changed! Eventually we will get a picture of all the kids together, but they may actually be in high school before that happens.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer is Here!!!

I am proud to announce that my little man is officially a water bug like his mama!! You have no idea how happy it made me that he throroughly enjoyed being in his float in the pool. I truly was worried that I would not be able to spend time at the pool, my absolute favorite summertime activity. After much search and frustration, Christiaan found a swimsuit at Baby Gap that would fit Carter. I was beginning to wonder if I was a neglectful mother for putting a 2 month old in a pool since suits so small were hard to come by, and the diaper companies don't seem to feel the need to make swim diapers so small. As soon as Carter got in his float he leaned back and totally relaxed! He even started to doze off, until he realized that it was close to eating time. On Saturday we went to a pool party at Brycen's BeBe's house, then Sunday and Monday we hung out with Aunt Karen and Uncle Drew. I have a feeling we will be crashing their pool a lot this summer!

Tomorrow is my last day of school(well with kids at least), and let me tell you, as much as I have learned that I LOVE teaching, good Lord am I glad for the year to be over! Definitely has been a fun, crazy, learning experience, and I think that I have been thrown just about every curve ball that one could be thrown in a year of teaching, and then some maybe. Not how would have ever pictured my first year, but awesome nonetheless. I am honestly going to miss my kids next year!

My little piglet has started sleeping longer at night, through the night most nights! I sure hope he keeps it up! He gets more and more vocal and animated every day. This past week he has discovered some weird new cry that freaked me out. This weekend we are going to Waco to spend Christiaan's birthday there with him. So excited to see everyone there! Hopefully I will remember to take more pictures this trip than the last!

Sorry for the picture vomit....oh who am I kidding, no I'm not! Isn't that why you people read this blog anyways?? :)

First time in the Bumbo

Oh how I love that smile!

First swim

Passed out on Aunt Aly after swimming