Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Spring 2014

Bluebonnet pictures

This whole standing thing was brand new


This picture is a VERY accurate depiction of all these kids

Brycen and Carter were dedicated on Easter Sunday 2010


The family came over to our house for lunch

Jackson, Aly, and Micah

Carter dyed eggs with GramPam, and then helped her make deviled eggs out of them

Uncle D

Easter baskets

Carter was finally old enough for t-ball! He loved it.

Coach Edgar

Grandpa was so proud of his Corderoy

KK had to protect the babies during bad weather

Jackson is freakishly strong

Mother's Day

The Guthrie moms

Grandma with three of her four

Christiaan had to have a kidney stone blasted with a laser to break it up

Weird...the remote in pre-op said CR1

Liam spent a day with us. Check out that bed head!

Carter dressed himself in his matching shirt and said "Can Liam be my brudder for today?"

Her own agenda heading down KK's street

This girl loves a good selfie session

Sweet friends

Liam's first birthday

Nana got D a vanity

This was a very bittersweet day for me. I sold my car to buy Shannon's Volvo SUV. We badly needed the room, my Jetta was going to need some work, but I had this car for 8 years and it was my first new car. My dad helped me with the purchasing process, so when I handed over the keys and we drove off, I cried half the way home. Over a stupid car.