Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Official Wedding Pictures!

Last week we recieved our CD of all our pictures in the mail! I am blown away at how amazing they all are, and out of the bazillions of pictures I had a hard time choosing just a few to share here. So prepare yourself for overload....

Yes that is my bra flying through the air. Christiaan about died when he saw this one, but I think it was really cool that she caught that moment!

The Romero boys

This picture cracks me up every time!

Brooke painted this peacock picture by looking at something that I found on Pinterest. Crazy talented.

My mom and I made the two pendants for my bouquet, one with a picture of my dad and the other with a picture of Christiaan's nanny


Dying laughing over the card/present that Christiaan gave me....his debit card!

Jack got into the ink pads literally minutes before the ceremony, and I thought we were going to have to find a substitute ring bearer, but Brooke let him live :)

And Christiaan died a bit more when he saw this one! 

Probably my favorite picture out of all of them.  I had no idea that my brothers were going to be there, and I think someone put them there in case I decided at the last second that I couldn't walk alone.

ALL of my family!

Christiaan's family with his mom

With his dad's family

Our good looking wedding party!

The socks were C's gift from me

This is my favorite wish card!

Cupcake thief

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rookie of the year

Carter has a new He has always been fond of it, and well aware of what it was, even as a baby he would sit in his bouncer and watch Ranger games. Like actually watch, and get upset when they went to commercial break.

Recently though, he has become highly attached to baseball. He talks about the Rangers, swings his bat along with them, and carries his glove everywhere.

Fell asleep watching a Ranger game

YouTube Video

I mean, I know he's my kid, but that's pretty darn good!

And then this past weekend, we introduced him to The Sandlot. Guess what has been playing almost on loop while he's awake for 4 straight days?? He talks about every part of it, baseball broke, eye hurt(black eye), fireworks, big dog, and on and on. I swear he has it memorized already!! We are planning to take him to a Ranger game this month. How old do they have to be for t-ball?? Because I'm thinking he will be begging to play by next year!

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