Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Five Years

Today I ended a chapter of my life, one of the most life changing parts of my life so far, and began a new one. 

I signed my contract to accept a fifth grade teaching position in Mesquite ISD. 

My emotions have been all over the place about leaving Vista, excited for the new opportunity, glad for the positive changes(and that's all I will say about that!), scared to move to such a different grade, sad to leave the families I have grown to love, and heart broken to leave my dear friends. 

These people have walked with me through all manner of craziness that has been my life for the last five years. When I met most of them I was pregnant, newly back in the area, my dad had just been diagnosed, all on top of it being my first year of teaching. I quickly bonded with them, and we survived a doozy of a year together. 

Since then, we have experienced many, many trials and events together.  New relationships, weddings, births, miscarriages, death of close family members, troubled students, challenging parents, tornado scares, floods, stressful testing, crazy subs(the Singing Sub, anyone??), and so much more.  Because of certain ways things are handled around Vista, it forced us to depend on one another. Its like we had our own hashtag when crazy stuff happened(#vistaprobs) because unless you were a part of that craziness?? You just don't even know. 

And don't even get me started on students and parents. Of course there have been some that made us want to pull our hair out, but knowing we had the support that we did made up tenfold for it. I have had several sets of siblings and always look forward to it. Some of these parents have become friends of mine. Their children have changed me. The sadness and disappointment on those kids' faces when they find out I won't be back was a huge factor weighing on my heart in my decision to leave. I wish I could take them with me! I have prayed for these kids, cried both with them and for them, tried to be the escape from a sad reality at home and ears to listen to their problems. Most of them have been exposed to things already that I could never have comprehended at the age of eight. I can only hope that I have had a small impact on them, as they have had a huge impact on mine. I fully intend on hanging up my class pictures from the last five years in my new classroom. :) 

I really hope we are able to maintain relationships, despite several of us scattering off this year. They have been my sounding board for my daily problems. A lot of the time they get more venting from me than my own husband. I consider myself very lucky to have made these friends. 
Business day madness

Fancied up for dinner at the Gaylord, thanks to RES
My baby shower for Carter
Amy's baby shower
My second classroom
My class showing Rangers support during the playoffs

Fun at Painting with a Twist

Meet the teacher

First day of school

My third room, where I have been for the last 3 years. That tree has moved with me, but will not be going to the new school. 

Regan's wedding

Tacky Christmas sweater contest always brings some fun stuff

Learning about cells in science

My bachelorette party, made up mostly of my co-workers!
Deanna, Nancy, and I all got married within a few months of each other

Our wedding

Deanna's wedding

First day of school again

Deanna and I have been close due to life throwing us similar curveballs. We started the same year, met our now husbands around the same time, which of course led to engagements, marriages, and babies! She was the first person I told when I found out I was pregnant with Delaney, and she found out she was having Harrison on the day Delaney was born. I will miss our traditional Chipotle lunch and Petco run!

Chels and me big with the girls

Book character day

Another baby shower

One of my favorite pics of us!

100th day of school

And then Sturgeon joined our crew, and provided entertainment like this

Deanna's baby shower

Do your coworkers buy you birthday gifts like this?? These people know me so well.

Mine, Jill's, and Deanna's babies joined us at school this past year, with Aunt Karen(KK) as the nursery teacher. What a blessing.

More Painting with a Twist

Last meet the teacher

My hall

My kids were so proud of this door! It may or may not have stayed up until the end of the year....

And we found Sturgeon doing this

Pajama day

Some #vistaprobs for you.....no working heat when the high temps outside and wind chill were well below zero. But the show must go on.

Wildlife on the playground

I got to geek out and meet Colleen Coyle from WFAA's weather team

Oh, sweet children.
Nerd Day
Not sure who had more fun on this field trip, us or our kids!

Last day of school. Highly emotional day this past year.

Katie, Deanna, Ruth Ann, and I have been there all 5 years together. Boy have we seen it all. Katie will be the campus director, Deanna moved to the Waco area, and Ruth Ann is actually moving down to take my place. I love these girls!

So I spent all day yesterday packing up my classroom to be moved to my new room. All but my tree. My dang tree that has been in the corner of the room, that is where I lost it. I couldn't take it down. I told Ruth Ann she had to do it.

I am excited and thankful to God for this new opportunity, but I will miss these people and this place terribly. I love you guys. Thank you for all you have meant to me.