Friday, June 17, 2016

Christmas 2015, the Pre-Tornado version

We had four Christmases this year. Its getting increasingly difficult to schedule everything in, made even more tricky by Christiaan's complicated work schedule! We started with Christmas Eve in Waco at Nana's house, a late night drive home since Christiaan had to work Christmas Day, opening presents at home with the kids when he got off, heading to Grandma's that evening, then Christmas at Mom's with my siblings, which obviously turned out much different than any of us could have anticipated. 

Jason brought the party

Romero cousins

Eli knew exactly what to do about unwrapping!

Some of the bags were condensating...bringing up quotes from the Griswold's. Turns out, Jason and Edna gave us all homemade tamales from her cousin which were frozen. The unusual heat and humidity caused the severe condensation. Hilarious!

At home the next morning, waiting for Daddy

Frozen shoes! She was so excited for these!

Dressed up at Grandma's

Nathan surprised us all with a tender letter and reciting Twas the Night Before Christmas, just as my Grandpa always did.

Tears all around

And....Santa D made an appearance!

Trying to take our bow picture

Granny Webb

Dinner at Mom's the next day

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