Thursday, June 16, 2016

Highlights of our year

Swim lessons with Mrs. Harriet year 3. Annabelle was in Carter's class this year.

He's an old pro by now!

When Eli started filling out

Carter came in the den from his room wearing about 6 layers of clothes. In June. "Could I BE wearing any more clothes?"

On a Waco trip, Jill and I made a visit to Belton to see the Ivy's. Despite what this picture looks like, the three stooges really did have a good time!

Carter and Brycen swimming at BeBe's

About to start kinder

Ruthie gave them some cool cookie dough that was like play-doh

Can't. Even.

We sent this one off to College Station. Tear. 

Meeting Mrs. Grounds

First day of school. Mommy cried.

The Diva became obsessed with Annie and decided she needed an Annie dress. D searched high and low and finally found one online, and she was thrilled.

We celebrated Elan's birthday on a houseboat on Lake Waco

Fair day

At a festival at the Waco botanical gardens

Harvest Hoedown at school

Our first ER visit. Eli went to bed having coughed a couple of times. He woke up after midnight coughing and struggling to breathe. I drove as fast as I could to the ER, where they took him straight back for steroids and breathing treatments. After a few hours we were released with a croup diagnosis, followed up with the pediatrician later that day, and by that night you would never know he had been so sick!


No one was sick this year! And no one cried. Delaney told Santa that her name was Elsa and that she would like to have his reindeer for Christmas.

Sickies all around the week after Christmas

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